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Cooleaf's experience management platform aids in the alignment of people initiatives with business objectives

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Healthcare & Hospital

Celebrate and empower your team of physicians, nurses, technicians, and health care professionals on the frontlines through Cooleaf’s easy-to-use mobile app. Issue recognitions, access rewards, and track employee or patient and family sentiment through pulse surveys. And don’t miss a beat on celebrations that matter, from work milestones to daily wins. Bring the best care and support to your team while diving into the moments that matter.

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Cooleaf's pulse survey tool via desktop or mobile app helps companies capture the voice of the customer.

Technology & SaaS Companies 

Lead the charge with agile, sustainable innovation. Boost product experience with Cooleaf’s listen, engage, measure approach to create a community of super users. Decrease time to value while you incentivize next steps from creating an account to actively offering referrals. Gather feedback for your next update and show your customers that their opinion truly matters with each launch.

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Schools and Universities

Build your staff and campus community in one central, virtual hub. Level up the student and staff experience with routine sentiment check-ins and targeted events or trainings. Build out community initiatives and benefits from a health & wellness strategy to your approach to diversity, equity & inclusion. Celebrate, incentivize, and award your faculty and staff as you foster community.

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Professional Services

From financial, wealth, or property management and experience teams, Cooleaf’s personalized portal and engagement program helps your experts deliver exceptional client experiences every time. Drive success and automate incentives for hitting weekly goals from new opportunities, client referrals, to cross-sells. Give your team the resources and tools they need with additional training and targeted challenges. And build lasting, profitable relationships with your clients.

Our Platform
Cooleaf's experience management platform dashboard
Cooleaf's experience management platform dashboard

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Cooleaf made it easy for us to do the things we wanted to do in terms of motivating and recognizing the great work of our employees. And the combination of Cooleaf and Slack makes it even better - we are able to use both platforms seamlessly (they integrate so easily), which has made it possible for us to transition to an all-remote workforce -- literally overnight. Cooleaf saved us, really. We have been able to keep communicating, community building, and more during this time. We are SO happy that we have Cooleaf!

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Linda Kricher

CHRO at Net Health
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