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Cooleaf is a technology platform designed to promote individual growth & team success.


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stronger community

Unlike traditional Enterprise Social Networks, Cooleaf's platform is purposefully designed to forge ties between team members based on shared professional and personal interests.

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Easier Recognition

Ditch the gold watches for 10 years of service.  Today's workforce expects quick and timely recognition and rewards.  Cooleaf makes rewarding and recognizing a piece of cake.

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Return on Investment

Organizations with higher levels of engagement outperform their peers and generated 147% higher earnings per
share vs competitors. Gallup, 2013

Our Product

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Better Team Events

Create highly targeted and social events and meetings while targeting your audience with laser precision.

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"Cooleaf's platform is super simple and gives us insight into which engagement activities are resonating. It has allowed our engagement efforts to become more data-driven."

Shealynn Buck, M.D., Executive Director, Employee Health Solutions, DeKalb Medical

Awesome Rewards

Recognize and reward your team the way you want.  Customize your reward catalog however you please. 

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"Cooleaf's platform has allowed us to streamline the way we communicate, manage, and track activities across campus. We've also made strides towards automating our employee rewards and recognition processes."

Cheryl Johnson-Ransaw, Director, Employee Development & Wellness, Georgia State University
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Gain actionable insights with powerful analytics.

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"We've experienced an exponential improvement in critical employee engagement metrics as a direct result of Cooleaf's help"

Keith Thomas, VP, Human Resources, HealthPort

Anytime Access

Cooleaf's mobile app makes collaboration, event registration, and rewards easy.

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"Cooleaf is an HR leader's dream come true. Their platform is super easy to use and
their activity programming and execution has been fantastic for our culture."

Jenni McDonough, VP, Human Resources, Moxie Engauge
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We're driven by a mission to humanize the workplace and create a
community that attracts and retains the most talented team possible.

We want to work with organizations that strive to achieve
or elevate
their reputation as a 'Top Workplace'.

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