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"Within 12 months of partnering with Cooleaf, we experienced a 40% reduction in unwanted employee turnover and a 30% boost in Glassdoor scores."


Monika Mueller

Managing Director, Daugherty Business Solutions

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Execution is everything.

Enlightened team leaders understand that culture, team and community are their only true sustainable competitive differentiators.  
They partner with Cooleaf to achieve winning business outcomes through holistic talent development.

What's wrong with talent development & learning today?




Learning & Development experiences miss critical opportunities for individuals to share and disseminate existing or newly acquired knowledge to the team.

Most learning & development initiatives aren't connected to business goals or other talent development efforts (e.g. recognition/rewards).

Disparate talent development initiatives make it impractical to decipher insights or make informed, data-driven decisions.

Talent development that drives your business forward

Cooleaf empowers forward-thinking leaders to achieve their business goals through a continuous process of holistic talent development that emphasizes individual professional and personal growth..

Our Approach

Holistic talent development in a nutshell

1. Define

2. Engage

3. Measure

Determine your objectives for talent development & learning.  Examples include improving innovative thinking, sharpening technical skills, encouraging healthy behaviors, and more.

Cooleaf provides a robust platform to communicate, manage, and track your existing talent development program.  If you need help, Cooleaf can design a holistic talent development program for your team using challenges, content, and recognition tailored to your unique needs.

Utilize Cooleaf's extensive analytics to gain insights, measure engagement & continuously iterate your talent development strategy.

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Cooleaf's software platform and services help our customers achieve business results by supporting their holistic talent development initiatives.

Not sure where to start?  Cooleaf can help by crafting a compelling 12-month employee engagement program for you (based on holistic talent development tactics). 

Already have a program in place?  Cooleaf's robust technology platform can help you organize, track, and manage your engagement program and holistic talent development tactics (i.e. Communications, events, challenges, recognition and more) in one place.

Our Solution



Cooleaf can develop a custom-tailored employee engagement program that works for your team based on your unique talent development needs.  

Want a personalized program recommendation?  Click below to take a quick 10-minute assessment so we can craft up a perfect program recommendation for your team. 

Employee Engagement Program

Power your talent development initiatives with Cooleaf's award-winning technology platform.

Whether you have your own program or need our help, Cooleaf's powerful platform empowers you to organize, communicate, and track your holistic talent development investments in one place.  Easily recognize & reward your team, organize professional and personal development events, and gain insights.

Talent Development Platform

We play nice with your current tech.

Cooleaf's robust talent development platform integrates easily into your existing technology infrastructure and tools.

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87% of millennials are looking for a job that can help them learn and develop.  Yet, less than 40% of them believe that their current jobs provide them with enough of these growth opportunities today.  Today's version of talent development and learning is outdated and..

Source: Deloitte, 2015

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