Corporate Social Responsibility

Enact positive change

Today's workforce wants to know they're making a difference. Empower your team through corporate citizenship initiatives designed to boost team cohesion.

Drive positive impact through a customizable corporate social responsibility program


Spotlight core values

Bring your company values to life and enable employees to get involved in CSR

Program design

Use prebuilt campaigns to create values-aligned programming

Data-driven insights

See the impact of your CSR efforts with data-driven analytics & shareable content

Design a values-driven workplace

Giving lip service to core values isn’t enough. Ensure that your company values stay top-of-mind with a CSR strategy aligned with your organization’s mission and purpose.

Strengthen company culture through CSR initiatives

70 percent of employees say that their sense of purpose is largely defined by work. Improve employee engagement with innovative social impact programming that resonates.

Understand the impact of your CSR program

How does corporate social responsibility impact your bottom line? Understand how your CSR strategy improves employee engagement, employee wellbeing, and team productivity with data-driven insights and shareable results.

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We put Cooleaf in place shortly before the pandemic and it was a little bit of a loss when we weren’t able to get together physically. But with Cooleaf we were able to use it as a lifeline to keep people together, so when we were given the opportunity to work with Make-a-Wish, our employees were excited. We had a high participation rate and we’re really happy we were able to fundraise for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Company logo of Georgia's Own Credit Union, Cooleaf's CSR management platform customer

Cindy Boyles

CHRO at Georgia's Own Credit Union

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