Drive a company culture that thrives in a digital world

Level up your remote team engagement

Overcome the distance barrier and foster stronger connections across your distributed team members. Boost engagement levels with a year-round employee experience strategy that will delight and empower your remote workers.

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Cultivate a stronger culture with an engagement strategy designed for distributed teams 

Beyond just overall unhappiness, disengagement in the workplace can have a ripple effect on everything from productivity to company culture. Without adequate engagement, remote team members are especially at risk of feeling invisible, disconnected, and overlooked.


of employees are thriving in their overall wellbeing. (Gallup)


of professionals say their company does not offer any programs or initiatives to prevent or alleviate burnout. (Deloitte)


of employers reported an increase in productivity among remote employees as a result of virtual team building activities. (SHRM)

Build a work-from-anywhere culture that works for everyone

Partner with Cooleaf to create a custom engagement calendar for your team! Using our scheduling tool feature, we’ll help you schedule and run monthly engagement activities, challenges, recognitions, and posts.


Turn remote employee engagement into an ongoing strategy

Go beyond Zoom happy hours. Leverage Cooleaf's expertise in remote and hybrid employee experience and create a winning engagement strategy that leads to better retention.


We work with you to set a plan in motion.

You’ll start by meeting with Cooleaf to determine your team-building goals. Whether you’re looking to promote your core values, increase team collaboration, or bring distributed teams together, we’ll help you craft a strategy that aligns with your objectives.

With Cooleaf, HR managers and team leaders can

Design and launch customized activities

Manage participant engagement

Track real-time progress, all in one place.

Image of people gathered around a table with papers and folders. On top of the image there are 4 screenshots from Cooleaf featuring their engagement strategy recommended program plan.

Engagement solutions customized for your organization

Partner with Cooleaf to create a custom engagement calendar for your team! Using our scheduling tool feature, we’ll help you schedule and run monthly engagement activities, challenges, recognitions, and posts.


Foster a sense of belonging with virtual team-building activities

Cooleaf helps you design, launch, and manage creative virtual team-building activities that your entire team will love.

Image of a white desk with a laptop. On the image there are screenshots from Cooleaf's platform featuring their virtual team-building activities.

Gain access to an extensive challenge library with hundreds of culture-building virtual activities, including a ready-to-launch content calendar.

Engaging remote employees just got a whole lot easier. Choose from Cooleaf’s extensive library of employee engagement activities and challenges.

Employee Onboarding

Cooleaf offers comprehensive onboarding activities to ensure that new hires are integrated into the company culture and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in their roles.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Cooleaf is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace through a range of initiatives and activities designed to promote understanding, awareness, and a sense of belonging for all employees.

Health & Wellness

Promote healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, and more with predesigned challenges and virtual activities.Cooleaf seamlessly integrates with popular fitness tracking devices, automatically rewards employees for meeting goals, and displays real-time step data on an employee leaderboard.

Learning & Development

Keep learning fun and fresh with interactive challenges that provide incentives. Award points for onboarding, manager training, microlearning, and more.

Recognize in a meaningful way

At Cooleaf, we believe that one of the most important things you can do for your remote employees is to ensure that they feel connected and supported. With Cooleaf’s integrated employee recognition platform, teams can express their appreciation for their peers right from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Workplace.

Image of a person typing on a macbook, on the macbook screen is an image of Cooleaf's Slack integration. There is also a phone on top of the image showcasing Cooleaf's Recognition platform on the mobile app.
Image of a man with his fist up, smiling in a celebratory way. On this image there is also a mobile phone that show cases Cooleaf's Rewards from the mobile app. There is also a screenshot of Cooleaf's reward's catalog.

Incentives your remote employees will love

Employee rewards and redeemable gifts are more than just a nice way to say “thanks.” They are an essential part of remote employee engagement. Our platform makes it easy for your remote workers to select the reward that best fits their interests and needs -– and even easier for them to redeem it!

Give your remote teams endless opportunities to connect

Connect employees with shared experiences through Cooleaf’s new Groups feature. We can help you build community and connection across distributed teams through communications channels like Groups. From helping new employees find mentors to building inclusion, Groups give your team members an easy way to socialize and share resources.

Image has a background image and Cooleaf product screenshots overlaying image. Background image is a group 6+ people, some with laptops and some with papers working together. The product screenshots are of Cooleaf's Groups feature that can be used for new employees to find mentors or for other team members to socialize. Can also be used for ERG groups.

Take action on insights and improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration

When employees feel connected, it leads to a more engaged, productive workforce. Measure your employee experience over time, and tap our powerful analytics to gain insights you’d otherwise miss.

Image is a background image with product screenshots on top. Back ground image is an image of a bar graph and a man holding a pen pointed towards the bar graph on a piece of paper. The screenshots overlaying the image display employee experience insights and team-building program statistics from existing Cooleaf customers.

Analyze Patterns
Get powerful insights with built-in surveys, dashboards, and personalized reports. Understand key opportunities to take action and empower your employees.

Engagement Benchmarks
Review your team-building program against your historic performance or industry benchmarks. View department-specific performance outcomes along with individual engagement metrics.

Take Action
Make sense of our experience data with the assistance of our engagement experts. We’ll recommend new programs, listening tactics, and communications to bring your team together.

Seamless Integrations: Connect Cooleaf with Your Favorite Tools and Enhance Your Team's Experience

We make it easy to integrate with the communication and HRIS tools your teams use everyday.

See How Top Brands Use Cooleaf To Drive People-First Experiences.

"After the pandemic began, we needed a solution to engage our remote employees. Cooleaf’s recognition tool has quickly become a big part of how we foster recognition and engagement."

Abby Mack
HR Generalist at TekStream Solutions

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