Build an effective workplace safety program

Modernize outdated approaches to safety compliance with an engagement platform that strengthens company culture and promotes safety.

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Keep workplace safety top-of-mind with an engaging safety program


Safety Incentives

Deliver automated rewards for safety training, compliance scores, and more.


Program design

Leverage Cooleaf's program calendar to launch interactive safety challenges and activities.


Communication strategy

Send educational nudges, quizzes, tips, and more — all within one user-friendly platform and app.

Reinforce safety behaviors with powerful incentives and routine communication

Safety should be celebrated. Use Cooleaf’s built-in incentives to champion workplace safety compliance without pausing productivity.

Safety Awards
Shine a spotlight on safety with custom awards. Boost employee motivation by using positive reinforcement to thank and educate your team for safe workplace practices. Send automated awards for high compliance scores, 100 days without an accident, etc.

Team Recognition
When employees are rewarded for workplace safety, everyone wins. With Cooleaf, leaders can instantly award spot-bonuses to team members for following safety procedures, and team members can give shout-outs to their peers.

Meaningful Rewards
Cooleaf's rewards catalog offers a wide range of incentives to motivate and engage employees, including popular items such as Sony headphones, Stanley toolboxes, Arlington Coolers, and gift cards from a variety of retailers. With such a diverse range of rewards to choose from, employees are sure to find something that they love and feel valued.

Keep safety top-of-mind with immersive activities

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), businesses spend almost $1 billion per week on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. Cooleaf's engagement experts will help you build an employee safety strategy that supports safety goals, reduces injuries, and keeps health and safety front and center.

Training Events
Building a culture of safety starts from your employee’s first day. Incentivize new hires to master your safety standards with a training program integrated into your engagement platform.

Interactive Activities
Incentivize performance, safety, and more with predesigned virtual activities or in-person events with easy app check-in. Encourage feedback from pulse surveys and idea-sharing challenges.

Incentivized Quizzes
Does your workforce need a refresher on your safety rules and policies? Send interactive quizzes to individuals, teams, or your entire company to reinforce safety standards.

Build a culture of safety with ongoing communications

In order for your safety program to be effective, it needs to be visible and engaging. Make employees safety daily, ongoing commitment with thoughtful communications and nudges.

In-app Communications
Send instant notifications about upcoming safety meetings, workplace hazards, and more. Cooleaf provides easy access to all your important safety resources in one place. And because Cooleaf seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, Slack, and FB Workplace, you can meet your people where they are.

Safety Nudges
Deliver quick notifications to your team to reinforce health and safety policies and communicate timely information about workplace injuries. Use Cooleaf to automatically send push notifications and emails to your entire workforce.

Pulse Surveys
Tap into Cooleaf’s insights to track the progress of your employee safety program and take targeted action to set your safety program up for success.

Prioritize workplace health and well-being

Cooleaf's health programs for on-site and remote employees provide companies with the tools and resources needed to prioritize well-being and create a culture of safety. With customized wellness plans and expert guidance, Cooleaf helps employers empower their teams to make healthier choices and reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Mobile App
Your workforce is mobile. Your workplace safety program should be, too. Cooleaf’s Mobile app, available on iOS and Android, streamlines safety training for on-site employees by providing an easy-to-use platform for completing training and tracking progress.

Health & Wellness Programs
Cooleaf's health and wellness engagement activities promote employee well-being and engagement by offering personalized wellness plans, interactive challenges, and rewards for participation.

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"After the pandemic began, we needed a solution to engage our remote employees. Cooleaf’s recognition tool has quickly become a big part of how we foster recognition and engagement."

Abby Mack
HR Generalist at TekStream Solutions

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