Build an effective workplace safety program

Modernize outdated approaches to safety compliance with an engagement platform that strengthens company culture and promotes safety.

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Keep workplace safety top-of-mind with an engaging safety program


Safety Incentives

Deliver automated rewards for safety training, compliance scores, and more.


Program design

Leverage Cooleaf's program calendar to launch interactive safety challenges and activities.


Communication strategy

Send educational nudges, quizzes, tips, and more — all within one user-friendly platform and app.

Reinforce safety behaviors with powerful incentives and routine communication

Safety should be celebrated. Use Cooleaf’s built-in incentives to champion workplace safety compliance without pausing productivity.

Keep safety top-of-mind with immersive activities

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), businesses spend almost $1 billion per week on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. Cooleaf's engagement experts will help you build an employee safety strategy that supports safety goals, reduces injuries, and keeps health and safety front and center.

Build a culture of safety with ongoing communications

In order for your safety program to be effective, it needs to be visible and engaging. Make employee safety a daily, ongoing commitment with thoughtful communications and nudges.

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"We wanted to make our refreshed core values more meaningful to employees in their day-to-day jobs. We didn’t have an easy way for managers to publicly call out their team members for demonstrating these core values. We lacked a way to tangibly make these values ‘real’ for our team."

Shrestha Taylor
VP of Human Resources, CIOX Health