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What is Cooleaf?
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Cooleaf is an ITA Group employee engagement technology designed to help your employees meet their full potential. Using a targeted combination of behavior-driven incentives, spot recognition and virtual challenges on our desktop and mobile app, Cooleaf reinforces your company's core values and desired employee behaviors to achieve winning business results.

What can I do with Cooleaf?
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  • Create automatically-awarded incentives that are given when milestones are hit like years of service or sales wins. Integrate Cooleaf with SaaS tools used for sales, customer support, and communication, like Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Litmos, and more.
  • Boost sentiment, performance, and engagement on your team with immersive activities like health and wellness challenges, corporate giving campaigns, social events, and more.
  • Keep a pulse on feedback with short, frequent touch points through our pulse engagement survey tool.
  • Track employee engagement over time with powerful reports, the manager dashboard, and analytics.
  • Empower your teams with manager and peer-to-peer recognition capabilities.
  • Bring company values to life with public recognitions, online activities, and more.
  • Celebrate team achievements such as hitting targets, winning deals, or closing cases by awarding points that can be redeemed for virtual and physical employee rewards.
What sets Cooleaf apart?
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Sure, there are other employee engagement or recognition platforms out there. With Cooleaf, we bring a holistic experience to your organization.

Cooleaf connects people strategies to business priorities and unifies your ability to listen, recognize, reward, and engage your team with one app.

Bring a data-minded approach to employee engagement. Track participation, rewards, and recognitions with our manager dashboard and reports. Meet quarterly with our team of engagement experts to review growth opportunities and receive a quarterly calendar of programming.

Or push towards your goals in health and wellness or diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and more with additional programming and pulse surveying.

What does Cooleaf integrate with?
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Cooleaf seamlessly integrates with all of your favorite communication and business tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more. We also support single sign-on (SSO) for automated company login through Okta and Microsoft Azure. Learn more about the platform here.

Why are employee recognition programs important?
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As companies continue to adapt to the future of work with hybrid or remote work environments, employee appreciation is more important than ever. Recognitions give employees a sense of security and helps them feel valued by the team and company. More importantly, it motivates employees to continue the great work.

But recognitions need to be thoughtful, recurring and part of your culture. ‍While employee appreciation and recognition alone is great for confidence — it’s intangible. It’s hard to quantify, and that makes it hard to work toward.

That’s why pairing recognition with rewards is more powerful: together they create a benefit that employees can touch, feel, hold, and experience. 

Simple, direct recognition will always be important and valuable, and when people do not receive recognition for their work and achievements, they report lower engagement with their team and company. Employees need to feel that their hard work is contributing towards the company's goals, and the simple act of public recognition has the power to boost employee retention.

Companies like Shipt found that the public form of recognition on Cooleaf encouraged others to recognize and created a personal, meaningful experience to employees.

However, the most powerful combination to motivating and engaging your people is to combine recognition with small incentives like gift cards or points to earn towards large rewards. Recognition that is paired with a reward has inherent value, can be assigned to specific behaviors and goals, and the effectiveness can be tracked.

A successful employee recognition program has rippling effects from engaged employees, boosted retention, and more in your bottomline.

What are the benefits of employee recognition programs?
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Learning + Development

When it comes to employee investment, the first order of business is to find a way to maximize learning and talent development initiatives to best support your business goals. After all, it costs significantly more to hire a new employee than it does invest in one you currently have, and want to keep.

With an effective employee recognition program, you can strengthen your learning and development strategy through events and challenges, tying together personal and professional development into one reward track. By communicating, tracking, and incentivizing your learning and training opportunities, you speak to the employee desire to grow and develop in the workplace.

Growth + Revenue

The most successful employee recognition software brings a holistic approach in helping employees feel valued while also boosting the company's bottom line. That’s why the way a program approaches revenue growth is critical to generating more creative lead generation, improving outbound sales volumes, and driving top-line growth.

In high-stakes environments, the desire to compete is powerful, but it’s important that the rewards build overall community strength rather than individual all-stars. With holistic integration toward specific metrics, such as lead generation, companies can create the “good kind” of peer pressure to challenge and reward their teams.

Health + Wellness

Here’s the truth: Your employees are more engaged and productive when they’re supported in their health for their mind, body, spirit. That’s why a modern, easily accessible approach to health and wellness is important. 

With new technology, employee recognition programs that share aspirations, activities, and progress across a team, department, or community help drive healthy engagement and reinforce community values exponentially. Everything from step challenges to health training can be great incentives for maximizing your wellness ROI and ensuring that your wellness program is working across your organization.

Who benefits from employee recognition programs?
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Everyone benefits from recognition programs. Achieving your goal of a highly-engaged team can only happen when you take into account the entire employee experience, from individual needs to professional contributions. Fostering a culture of recognition keeps people motivated and progressing toward goals.

What are some of the best practices for developing employee recognition programs?
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Rewards and incentives can come in many packages, but what’s essential is that they all serve a purpose and that recognitions come in real-time. When each reward is tied to a goal or action, your team not only benefits, but so do you. 

Here are important things to consider:

Have an ROI plan for your rewards program

Progress that can’t be quantified isn't progressed at all. To really implement change, you need a formal recognition program that can provide powerful data insight to understand how your initiatives are resonating with your team members and across organizations.

With Cooleaf's engagement experts, we'll onboard you and your organization for the best ways to utilize the platform and work with you track and encourage adoption.

With Cooleaf's data insights and analytics on the manager dashboard, we can help you make better decisions so you can invest your time and money on effective initiatives and programs.

Enable peer-to-peer and manager-to-person recognition.

With Cooleaf, you can manage all channels of accolade giving, and track your entire team as they give shoutouts or reward participation and success. In the end you’ll also be able to see who’s recognizing their team members most frequently, which rewards have the biggest impact within certain job functions, and build a more proactive recognition effort.

Add variety to your recognitions

Recognizing and rewarding people as unique individuals goes a long way to building trust and loyalty, and driving motivation. But not everyone values the same type of accolade and different types of recognition is more effective.

Cooleaf's platform ties those recognitions and rewards directly with your company's core values, so you can measure which values resonate with your team and which need more emphasis or education.

Cooleaf's engagement experts provides a recurring newsletter and webinar to educate and encourage managers and human resource teams nuanced ways to utilize the platform, rewards, and recognitions to add variety for your employees.

Creating a feeling of connection and community drives engagement.

A feeling of connection is rising as one of the most important things your people need to feel happy at work (feeling seen, heard, and valued are among the most important, too).

Never miss a birthday or work anniversary with automated awards to cut through admin time while still highlighting each person's special day. Utilize a public digital space so everyone can share their thoughts, share recognitions, and highlight news.

With Cooleaf, employees can create and join events to participate in rewards, and they stay connected to the work tribe from virtually anywhere in a single, streamlined platform.

Make recognition fast, easy, and enjoyable.

A high level of team engagement isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must-have for the most successful businesses these days. 

To do that, you need to strategically apply the appropriate tactics and programs for encouraging engagement and teamwork. At Cooleaf, our platform is easy-to-use and applicable to different integrations to make a seamless experience for both the leadership and employees.

Can you issue employee surveys on Cooleaf?
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Yes! Growing an effective recognition program and fostering team culture should start with a baseline of employee sentiment. 

With Cooleaf, schedule recurring pulse surveys to track employee satisfaction and listen to signals for opportunities in programming or education. You can incentivize participation in feedback surveys too to ensure you have enough data to benchmark.

What are some examples of success stories on Cooleaf?
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Cooleaf's helped a variety of teams from sales to customer experience in an array of industries from healthcare to tech. Learn more on our Cooleaf Customer Page.

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