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Empower your customer experience team

Give your customer support team the boost they need with performance incentives and empowering recognitions that drive results.

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Supporting your customer service teams not only improves company culture but trickles down to customer satisfaction

Growth, upsells, renewals, and customer loyalty

Your frontline's responsible for more than just fielding complaints. Engaged customer service reps are your customer's first touch. They develop relationships with your new and returning customers, turn every experience into a standout customer interaction, and build your loyal customer base. Empower your customer support teams to reach those company goals with challenges, performance incentives, and recognition tools.

Our Platform
Cooleaf's experience management platform dashboard
Cooleaf's experience management platform dashboard

Focus on actions that drive results

In a function where minutes matter, rewarding your team in real-time has an outsized impact on results. Small incentives, given when achievements are reached, drive desired behaviors. Automation is easy when you integrate Cooleaf with platforms like Zendesk and Freshdesk. Our API issues incentives and recognition intuitively, allowing managers to get out of the weeds. Read how Freshly's global customer support team used the power of incentives to reduce critical customer response times.

Strong company culture feeds into excellent customer service

Great customer service starts with uniting your team through your company's mission. Make those core values tangible with recognition and awards, so customer support teams can see the impact they have on customer delight. Go further and help your team connect through culture-building online activities or motivating team challenges because solid teamwork is always felt by the customer.

Reinforce Organizational Values
Using Cooleaf's customer service incentive program to organize motivating team challenges

Minimize employee turnover

People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad teams. This is even more pronounced for remote teams, where many have lost the ability to do peer-to-peer learning, on-demand coaching, and even onboarding. Cooleaf empowers managers to lead with purpose, and execute the team-building activities that they may be struggling to create, giving their people the motivation to achieve and feel seen and valued for their efforts. Employee empowerment reduces churn and encourages individual team members to truly own their workflows and success.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"We needed to recognize our CX team’s efforts in more real-time to maximize the positive impact on engagement and key metrics. Cooleaf’s solution gave us the perfect platform to modernize our process and foster a culture of positivity."

Colin Crowley
VP of Customer Experience, Freshly