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Empower Your Support Team to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Give your customer service agents the boost they need with performance incentives and meaningful recognitions that drive results.

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A recognition and rewards program for customer service teams

Finding the right customer service team is hard. Retaining them is even harder. By implementing strategic incentives and recognition, you can improve retention, engagement, and overall team performance. Use Cooleaf’s simple points system to celebrate your team’s hard work and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Engaged and satisfied customer service teams are...


more likely to stay than leave within a year


more likely to stay than dissatisfied colleagues


more likely to refer friends to their company


more likely to feel extremely empowered to resolve customer issues

Source: McKinsey

Incentivize your customer service team to achieve performance goals

With Cooleaf, you can define goals and seamlessly reward agents based on real-time metrics, so feedback is timely and continuous. Automation is easy when you integrate Cooleaf’s rewards program with platforms like Zendesk and Front. Our API issues incentives and recognition intuitively, allowing managers to get out of the weeds.

Performance awards and incentives based on your customer service metrics

Gamification tools to improve agent performance and reward daily wins

Thousands of global reward options ranging from gift cards to team swag and other perks

Dashboards for customer support managers to track team engagement and motivation

Foster team connection with employee engagement challenges

Celebrate teamwork and reinforce your culture with ongoing challenges designed to foster learning & growth, health & wellbeing, core values, and more. With our library of virtual events and programming, you’ll have everything you need to remind your customer service agents that they’re valued and appreciated all year round.

Award points for attending workshops, trainings, or other learning & development courses to upskill your customer service agents

Support employee wellbeing with challenges designed to promote meditation, self-reflection, and wellness

Incentivize team members for improving customer feedback scores, reducing customer wait time, or other channel-specific metrics that matter to your business

Effective employee engagement surveys to measure mental health, eNPS, and more

Foster employee engagement with fun culture-boosting challenges

Spotlight positive feedback to inspire your customer service agents

Make your core values tangible with recognition and awards, so customer support teams can see the impact they have on customer delight. With Cooleaf’s social media-style recognition feed, employee recognition is always front-and-center, so your customer service agents will feel like the heroes they are.

Manager training initiatives to drive manager-to-employee recognition

Showcase good customer service and positive examples through recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition that enhances collaboration and improve employee retention

Celebrate company core values with customizable employee awards

Meaningful appreciation gifts for Customer Service Appreciation Days and service milestones

See How Freshly Improved Customer Service Metrics With Cooleaf

In a function where minutes matter, rewarding your team in real-time has an outsized impact on results. Small incentives, given when achievements are reached, drive desired behaviors. Discover how Freshly's global customer support team used the power of incentives to reduce critical customer response times.

Freshly Case Study

One platform to recognize, engage, and empower your customer workforce

Our award-winning platform improves team collaboration and motivation through a dedicated engagement strategy and powerful engagement tools. Through intuitive recognition and expertly-designed programming, we empower workplaces to lead with love.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

“With Cooleaf, we went from 59% of our Customer Experience team hitting weekly benchmarks to 71%. Once we started publicly recognizing our CX team, people really started to see the outcome, and then that’s when we started to see improvements.”

Company logo of Shipt, Cooleaf's employee engagement platform customer
Walt Till
Director of Employee Experience at Shipt

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