Celebrate work anniversaries seamlessly

Companies win when their employees feel seen, heard, and valued for their great work. On Cooleaf, take recognizing your team members for their years of service milestones to the next level with personal, innovative awards, and an award-winning recognition program.

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Mark work anniversaries in style with an effortless Years of Service Award program


Seamlessly Automate

Streamline your years of service recognition process with Cooleaf's intuitive platform and eliminate manual tracking and administrative burdens.


Personalize Celebrations

Customize recognition messages and awards to honor each employee's tenure. On Cooleaf, you can craft personalized recognitions that resonate with your team members to foster a sense of belonging.


Centralize Admin Work

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and scattered records! Cooleaf provides a centralized dashboard where you can effortlessly track and manage your employees' years of service milestones. Access real-time data and insights to effectively make decisions and celebrate employee anniversaries.

Celebrate milestones, inspire loyalty: The power of automated employee recognition

On Cooleaf, Years of Service Award Programs are fully automated, making it easy to recognize and celebrate your employees' hard work and length of service. By automating the entire process, organizations can effortlessly track milestones and personalize celebrations to inspire a culture of appreciation.

With Cooleaf, you can easily assign personalized rewards and incentives to commemorate years of service milestones. A wide selection of meaningful options from gift cards to experiences allows employees to select the rewards they actually want.

Effortless tracking, timely celebration: Centralize your Years of Service Award Program

Gone are the days of manual tracking, overlooked service anniversaries, and generic recognition messages. Cooleaf's intuitive platform centralizes all years of service data, providing a comprehensive view of employee milestones so that human resource teams can deliver a meaningful recognition experience.

Personalized, meaningful rewards: Elevate your Employee Service Award program

Cooleaf’s customizable messaging capabilities make recognizing employees for their important milestones a breeze. By cutting out generic messages and impersonal templates, your genuine appreciation will shine to create memorable experiences that deeply resonate with your team members.

Use Cooleaf to effortlessly assign rewards and incentives that commemorate years of service milestones. Our diverse selection of rewards help boost overall satisfaction and engagement by ensuring your employees feel valued and motivated.

How MountainSeed Fostered Togetherness Through Authentic Interaction on Cooleaf

MountainSeed is the largest commercial real estate services marketplace in the nation. With a growing team, MountainSeed wanted a way to foster organic connection so that it's incredibly close-knit culture would translate both in and out of the office.

MountainSeed Case Study

Create a culture of recognition

Foster a culture of employee appreciation and peer-to-peer recognition. Cooleaf's platform gives employees the tools to celebrate colleagues' service anniversaries publicly, boosting employee morale and creating a positive, motivated work environment. 

On Cooleaf, different types of incentives and awards come together in one employee recognition platform. With thousands of reward options (from merchandise to gift cards to branded company swag), you’ll stay on top of trends to ensure diverse gift options your employees will love!

How do I launch my Years of Service Award Program?

Easily set up your service awards program on Cooleaf. Our Customer Success team is here to help you craft the perfect recognition message and gift for each tier of celebration (you can customize certain milestones, like 5 or 10 years, with special rewards!). Once you’re done you can sit back, relax, and let our platform do the heavy lifting.

Choose Cooleaf as your employee recognition partner to unlock the power of automated recognition, personal celebrations, and seamless tracking that will inspire your workforce, elevate your company culture, and boost employee retention.

From employee recognition and celebration to rewards for everything from work anniversaries, birthdays, and performance achievements, Cooleaf is here to help you bring employee engagement to every department and team.

See How Top Brands Use Cooleaf To Drive People-First Experiences.

"We had a Slack channel for celebrations. Everyday we recognized people’s birthdays and anniversaries, and while everyone enjoyed it, it was a heavy lift for our office team. It’s great that now everything’s moved to Cooleaf, which helps with efficiencies for our HR team, so shoutouts happen automatically, without fail no matter what day."

Company logo of Shipt, Cooleaf's employee engagement platform customer
Walt Till
Director of Employee Experience at Shipt

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How MountainSeed Fostered Togetherness Through Authentic Interaction on Cooleaf

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