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Give Your Healthcare Workers the Appreciation They Deserve

Employee experience and quality of care are intertwined. Support your frontline workers with effective employee engagement, meaningful rewards, and actionable surveys.

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An employee engagement strategy to combat burnout and inspire your healthcare employees

The healthcare industry faces ever-evolving challenges from the pandemic, patient expectations, and new technology. It's time to celebrate and empower your team of clinicians, nurses, technicians, and physicians on the frontlines through Cooleaf’s easy-to-use platform and mobile app.



of healthcare professionals report experiencing burnout and exhaustion (Mental Health America)


of U.S. hospital workers are highly engaged (Harvard Business Review)


increase in patient safety when healthcare workers are engaged (Gallup)

Spark inspiration with meaningful rewards and recognition

Without consistent appreciation, healthcare workers can feel invisible. Build recognition into your engagement strategy with targeted programming that goes beyond just Healthcare Appreciation Day. Honor team members for years of service, celebrate birthdays virtually, and recognize team wins and special events through automated, meaningful recognition.

Automated birthdays and work anniversaries with customizable messages and rewards

Peer recognition aligned with organizational core values

Performance awards and incentives based on the KPIs of your healthcare organization

Meaningful appreciation gifts for Healthcare Appreciation Days and service milestones

Motivate disengaged employees with virtual challenges and events

A more connected, engaged workforce can lead to higher-quality care and better patient outcomes. Cooleaf is the only mobile-friendly employee experience platform that enables healthcare leaders to incentivize key behaviors and foster team connection — all while reinforcing your organization’s mission and core values.

Engagement activities aligned with your team’s goals

Manager training initiatives for your healthcare leaders

Virtual activities designed to support mental health and employee wellbeing

Team-building challenges to encourage teamwork and foster connection

Measure your team’s wellbeing with employee engagement surveys

Prevent staff turnover before it happens by measuring levels of employee engagement and tracking job satisfaction. From sample questions to powerful analytics, we make it easy to gather feedback from your healthcare staff. Plus, our team can help you develop an engagement strategy to improve retention and foster high engagement over time.

Effective employee engagement surveys to measure mental health, job satisfaction, eNPS, and more

Strategic recommendations for employee engagement initiatives

Assistance with measuring employee engagement ROI and tracking metrics

Explore How Cooleaf Works

One platform to recognize, engage, and empower your healthcare workforce

Our award-winning platform improves team collaboration and motivation through a dedicated engagement strategy and powerful engagement tools. Through intuitive recognition and expertly-designed programming, we empower workplaces to lead with love.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

“Cooleaf is our strategic partner for our engagement strategy. The platform helps to facilitate and communicate all the great things our colleagues experience. It creates energy, excitement through challenges, events and educational opportunities. It rewards and recognizes all of the hard work they do each and every day. Reinforcing our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy it brings forward opportunities to learn about others and encourage their differences. Thanks to Cooleaf and the team who works to keep our colleagues consistently engaged .”

Nicole Amling
Senior VP of HR at Navvis Healthcare

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