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Healthcare and patient experience management

Employee experience and quality of care are intertwined. Track the right metrics of your frontline to build your engagement right.

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Why is employee engagement important in healthcare?

The healthcare industry faces ever-evolving challenges from the pandemic, patient expectations, and new technology. It's time to celebrate and empower your team of clinicians, nurses, technicians, and physicians on the frontlines through Cooleaf’s easy-to-use mobile app.

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Giving the opportunity for employees to provide valuable feedback helps onboaridngs, support trainings, and increases retention.

Collect real-time signals throughout the employee cycle with pulse experience surveys.

Boost team morale with birthday and work anniversary awards or fun and educational online activities.

Grow caregiver morale with manager or peer recognition and activities in one easy-app.

Data collection made easy. Work with an engagement expert and tie those metrics into an actionable game plan for your employees.

Come away with performance-driven experience data to drive towards new team goals.

Better Employee Experience means Better Patient Experience

According to a HCAHPS survey, supporting caregivers correlates with positive patient experience. And that positive impact can compound when bringing the same holistic support to patient care.

Using Cooleaf, you can gather real-time signals throughout the patient journey, notify caregivers of feedback, and measure patient satisfaction along the way.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"A number of employee incentive solutions exist in the market. We use Cooleaf. It enables us to incentivize staff around any objective that's paired with a task. Want to encourage people to take better care of themselves? They can earn Cooleaf points for their steps. Motivate them to read more. Post summaries of reads for points. Same with recruitment. Receive points for networking, introductions, etc."

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