Employee Experience

Your engagement initiatives all in one place.

Cooleaf combines intuitive recognition technology and engaging programming to bring out your team’s best.

Cooleaf’s one of the top employee experience platforms that fosters employee engagement holistically.

Pulse surveys and performance monitoring

Give your employees opportunities to feel heard. Our pulse surveying tool makes it easy to encourage your people to speak up with routine, anonymous surveys and incentives.

Encouraging consistent and honest communication is a surefire way to build positive feedback loops and establish trust with your team.

Gather real-time feedback through employee pulse surveys and easy-to-read metrics on Cooleaf’s employee engagement app.

Employee recognition & rewards, performance incentives, and employee programs

Recognition goes a long way in motivating employees, and public recognition gives a stage where your employees’ hard work is seen and celebrated by everyone.

Our platform helps you create a culture of appreciation. Highlight employees for their years of service, for exemplifying core values, and for positive performance.

Employee recognition and performance management made easy through one employee engagement software.

Shout out your workplace heroes for everyday wins—both managers and peers—with employee recognition and rewards to get excited about.

Set-up performance incentives to motivate and engage employees in one mobile app.

Create routine performance incentives that motivate employees to hit weekly or monthly targets.

We host a range of employee engagement programs from DEI to health and wellness for any iniatiatve or goals.

Customize engagement programs to match your core values. Promote health and wellness, DEI, learning & development, and more.

Measure employee feedback and sentiment over new initiatives with Cooleaf’s pulse survey and eNPS tool and dashboards.Measure employee feedback and sentiment over new initiatives with Cooleaf’s pulse survey and eNPS tool and dashboards.

Measure and iterate

Discover new opportunities to engage your teams with Cooleaf’s easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. Cooleaf engagement experts partner with you to assess quarterly metrics along with sentiment surveys and engagement stats.

Customer testimonial picture
Cooleaf has been instrumental in helping us to create a positive team culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. It's a big part of the reason we've been honored as a “Best Place to Work” since 2016!

Leslie Balmforth

Partner at Aprio

Cooleaf’s isn’t your average employee engagement software but an experience where our Employee Engagement Experts work with you to find the right solution for your goals.

Our customer success operates for your success

We pride ourselves in our data-minded, creative, friendly engagement experts on the Cooleaf Customer Success Team. We listen to your goals and provide:

  • An onboarding expert & programming to effectively launch your team’s new engagement platform

  • Quarterly check-ins with performance-metrics you can bring back to your executive team

  • Quarterly engagement programming, along with a go-to library of activities to suit your goals

  • Routine webinars, newsletters, and resources to help you listen, engage, measure your team’s activity

Your workplace has the potential for more.

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