DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

Support workplace diversity with a holistic DEI strategy

Whether your team is starting out or deepening the work for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, grow and learn together in one digital space.

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76% of job seekers value workplace diversity when looking at job opportunities


Listen & Implement Change

Anonymous pulse surveys encourage open feedback from your diverse team while also you shaping your DEI goals.


An Inclusive Environment

Fostering more inclusive culture and programming increases retention, attracts job seekers, and strengthens company culture.


Grow & Develop Your Program

Finding opportunities and trends as you measure data and feedback to develop trainings and programs.

Expand your own DEI strategy with routine listening

Incorporating routine pulses with your team gives everyone the space to contribute towards growth while giving you measurable insights towards change.

Tailored diversity training and inclusion programs to engage your team

Utilize the digital community for your team to open conversation and create an inclusive environment where every member of your team is invited to share thoughts and learn.

Build on themes and grow your effective diversity and inclusion program

As your team works to learn and grow in competency on inclusivity and diversity initiatives, utilize employee engagement data to move towards change.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"Cooleaf has been a valuable tool to support and facilitate cultural integration efforts and create one social platform for employees.  We have leveraged it to encourage community, bolster our recognition programs, and reinforce safety and D&I initiatives."

Cynthia Kenny
Chief Human Resources Officer at Stateserv

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