How Cooleaf Works

It’s time to rethink your workplace culture

Support your people with an employee engagement strategy designed to help your team members thrive.

Cooleaf is an employee experience platform that offers a holistic approach to employee engagement from recognition, surveys, and more.

A partnership approach to your success

Our commitment to your success goes beyond support. Whether you're looking to improve employee retention or navigating the new workplace, we'll help you define your engagement goals and take action — from onboarding and beyond.

Kick-off meeting
Gather information and review goals
Strategy & design
Outline employee engagement strategy
Platform tour
Platform training for Admins
Go live
User registration training & launch
Onboarding check-in
Review survey results, stats, and recommendations
Quarterly check-in
Review engagement and participation metrics and schedule new programming

Using Cooleaf is easy and intuitive. That's why our customers rank us #1 with an 84% user adoption.

ease of use

quality of set up

quality of support

The formula for a better human experience

Human interaction isn’t one dimensional. Our technology—the Experience Operating System™— is the smart engine that optimizes on the core principles that help people stay connected and motivated.


The nuts and bolts of what people need to get their work done.


The feeling of being seen, heard, and valued, and connected to peers.


The belief that your personal values and beliefs are shared by your organization.


Create and integrate a hub for communication and collaboration

In a digital-first workplace, keeping teams connected is essential. But disjointed systems, partners, and initiatives leads to disengagement and distraction.

Our integrated platform helps streamline your engagement initiatives while creating a more unified experience for your team.

With Cooleaf, you can integrate employee recognition, pulse surveys, and performance incentives with your existing tools and platforms. So your team can be connected, not distracted.


Build a company culture where people feel seen, heard, and valued

With Cooleaf, it’s easy to discover exactly what your team needs, wants, and feels, and take quick action to create richer experiences for your people.

Enable your team to share anonymous real-time feedback in pulse surveys. Spotlight team wins with an employee recognition program. And help employees feel more connected to your company culture with virtual programming.

Along the way, measure the impact of your employee experience by tapping into powerful dashboards and analytics.


Bring core values to life with a targeted social impact strategy

In today’s workplace, verbal commitment to social impact isn’t enough. Taking action on social impact can mean the difference between a “good” and an “extraordinary” employee experience.

Through Cooleaf, you can bring company core values to life through spot recognition, virtual activities, and social impact campaigns. And you'll get personalized recommendations and ideas from our engagement experts to help boost participation.

Ready to be more intentional about your employee experience?

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