Create a healthier, happier workplace

Boost employee wellbeing with a comprehensive workplace wellness program that rewards healthy behaviors.

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Support your team's health and mental well-being with feedback, activities, and awards

Year-round wellness programming

Inspire your team with step competitions, mental health challenges, and more.

Wellness surveys

Measure employee health and wellbeing over time with strategic, incentivized wellness surveys.

Automated rewards

Help your team adopt and maintain healthy habits with frictionless reward redemption.

Evaluate and improve employee health with powerful listening tools

Integrated step challenges

Cooleaf seamlessly integrates with popular fitness tracking devices, automatically rewards employees for meeting goals, and displays real-time step data on an employee leaderboard.

Mental and physical wellbeing activities

Promote healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, and more with predesigned challenges and virtual activities.

Monthly program calendar

Breathe new life into stale wellness programs with a comprehensive, flexible schedule of year-round wellness challenges. Send educational nudges and share health information to keep employees’ goals on track.

Offer a creative, comprehensive wellness program

Annual wellness needs assessment

Identify opportunities to support employee health and wellbeing with an annual survey. Reward your employees instantly for sharing their health status and feedback.

Quarterly wellness pulse survey

Use pulse surveys to track the progress of your employee wellness program and get tailored insights on how to improve your wellness benefits.

Analyze wellness participation

Understand program metrics and employee participation numbers with easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Send out educational nudges, health plan details, wellness service information, and more.

Improve employee morale and reward healthy behaviors

Preventive care & healthcare screenings

Use Cooleaf’s platform to automatically reward employees for preventative care and health screenings, reducing your long-term health care costs.

Expert guidance

From onboarding to adoption, our Customer Success Team is here to help you customize your employee wellness program strategy, execute programming, and track results.

Thousands of reward options

Give employees instant access to wellness program rewards, including prepaid debit cards, gift cards, charity donations, and merchandise.

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"I love that Cooleaf is so user friendly! I can join in on a fitness challenge to improve my health or recommend a tasty recipe to coworkers. It’s a great way to feel more connected!"

Eileen M.
Cooleaf user