Create a healthier, happier workplace

When it comes to employee happiness, corporate wellness programs often miss the mark. Boost employee wellbeing with a comprehensive workplace wellness program that rewards healthy behaviors.

Support your team’s health and wellbeing


Year-round wellness programming

Inspire your team with step competitions, mental health challenges, and more.

Wellness surveys

Measure employee health and wellbeing over time with strategic, incentivized wellness surveys.

Automated rewards

Help your team adopt and maintain healthy habits with frictionless reward redemption.

Offer a creative, comprehensive wellness program

Evaluate and improve employee health with powerful listening tools

Improve employee morale and reward healthy behaviors

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"We wanted to make our refreshed core values more meaningful to employees in their day-to-day jobs. We didn’t have an easy way for managers to publicly call out their team members for demonstrating these core values. We lacked a way to tangibly make these values ‘real’ for our team."

Shrestha Taylor

VP of Human Resources, CIOX Health

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