Give life to those company core values

A company's vision is more than just a nicety. It makes an employees contributions have purpose beyond the bottom line.

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Incorporate core values into your team's daily rituals and recognitions

What does your company stand for? What makes it different? Your company's core values define your goals as an organization and what impact you want to bring to your customers, your industry, and your team.
Keep your company values top of mind by creating tangible routines that tie it all back to your values.
Your company's mission motivates team members by instilling a sense of purpose from department to role. Recognition is a tool for everyone take it up a notch and show how they're embracing core values and identifying to those wins and moments that tie it all back.

"Rich company culture starts with your company's goals"

Core value awards and incentives that empower teams

Did you know that the highest performing teams receive frequent and meaningful recognition? In fact, over 65% of employees say that they would work harder if they felt like their efforts were being appreciated. Recognition is a powerful tool that helps employees feel seen while tying those moments back to your company's mission.With Cooleaf, all team members (not just managers) have the power to recognize, thank, and boost each other. Recognizing your people in the moment is the most powerful and meaningful way to drive employee engagement. Employees can recognize using Cooleaf on the web, in Slack, via the mobile app, or on the fly via our Chrome plug-in.

Cooleaf empowering team members through core value awards
Cooleaf recognition dashboard for employees who are living up to organizational core values

Breathe life into corporate strategy and company core values

Successful companies see that embracing core values not only drives performance but creates exceptional workplace culture and attracts top talent and increases retention. More than 86 percent of employees reported that they'd accept a role with a strong mission over a role with higher pay.

Your company's mission statement and strategy shouldn't just live inside an employee handbook but lived out loud by your people. At Cooleaf, a dedicated Customer Success manager will help you bring these important initiatives to life with programming aligned to your employee experience and core values.

A metric-driven employee recognition program tailored to your team

Teams that truly embrace their core values drive employee engagement and performance. With Cooleaf, customize your incentives and programming based on your team's goals for the month, the quarter, or even the year. Then track and measure engagement by your team and see which of your organization's values are resonating. 

Using Cooleaf's corporate gifting software to send anniversary awards to team members

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"We had a Slack channel for celebrations. Everyday we recognized people’s birthdays and anniversaries, and while everyone enjoyed it, it was a heavy lift for our office team. It’s great that now everything’s moved to Cooleaf, which helps with efficiencies for our HR team, so shoutouts happen automatically, without fail no matter what day."

Company logo of Shipt, Cooleaf's employee engagement platform customer
Walt Till
Director of Employee Experience at Shipt

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