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Cut down human resources' admin time with one holistic platform that engages your employees, provides activity metrics, and tracks feedback from your team.

Cooleaf’s one of the top employee experience platforms that fosters employee engagement holistically.

Drive employee engagement with pulse surveying, recognition, and virtual experiences with Cooleaf

Cultivate work culture with a metric-driven recognition program

Bring your company mission or core values to life with manager and peer-to-peer recognition and incentives.

Publicly celebrate team wins (big or small!), and automatically highlight key milestones from work anniversaries to life events so you never miss a date. Empower managers with the ability to award points for exceptional performance and teamwork through the power of recognition.

Track and measure engagement data with a dedicated customer success manager and spotlight your successes as a business solution for retention and productivity.

Cooleaf's experience management platform dashboard

Empower your leaders to build winning teams

Cooleaf's employee engagement software empowers managers to lead their teams more effectively through recognition, rewards, challenges, and a connection to the metrics that matter.

Our Cooleaf engagement team will guide managers through the platform and provide additional resources and help you promote and communicate your team goals.

Host virtual activities employees want to join

Create a strategy to take culture clubs, employee resource groups (ERGs), team-building initiatives, and onboardings to the next level. Cooleaf's team provides a variety of thoughtful, fun programming and communication covering strategies from wellness to DEI throughout the year.

Tie incentives to encourage participation or to motivate team members to take on new learning and development courses or hop into discussions. Keep programs fresh, timely, and engaging with Cooleaf's activity calendar.

Pull from our library of challenges or bring your own ideas and work with an engagement expert to build your company culture.

Managers interactive challenges calendar designed by Cooleaf's HR engagement software
Activity participation rate dashboard on Cooleaf's employee performance management software

Drive action with powerful engagement metrics

Cooleaf's engagement platform combines the power of system-generated behaviors with personally-observed behaviors to give leaders a holistic view of your teams.

Get real-time insights about your people with targeted pulse surveys and analytics. Work with our engagement experts and review data on a quarterly basis to assess and track employee engagement and identify trends.

Increase retention by focusing on your team's needs and creating exceptional experiences to make happier, engaged employees.

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