Drive a culture that thrives in a digital world

It's not just remote teams that can feel disjointed. Boost team collaboration through a powerful virtual team-building strategy.

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Keep your employees connected and engaged, wherever they are


Virtual activities

Launch pre-built remote team-building events and reward employees for participation.


Program design

Leverage Cooleaf's program calendar to connect and spotlight your values.


Engagement insights

Tap into data-driven insights on employee engagement and team connection.

Bring your team together with virtual team-building activities

A virtual environment can help teams connect, if they’re remote working or in office together. Cooleaf helps you design, launch, and manage creative virtual team-building activities that your entire team will love.

Turn virtual activities into an ongoing team-building strategy

Go beyond Zoom happy hours. Benefit from Cooleaf's expertise in employee experience and create a winning strategy to keep your team engaged.

Understand how team-building impacts productivity, efficiency, and collaboration

When employees feel connected, it leads to a more engaged, productive workforce. Measure your employee experience over time, and tap our powerful analytics to gain insights you’d otherwise miss.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"After the pandemic began, we needed a solution to engage our remote employees. Cooleaf’s recognition tool has quickly become a big part of how we foster recognition and engagement."

Abby Mack
HR Generalist at TekStream Solutions

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