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SaaS innovation starts with great employee engagement

High-performing tech and SaaS teams know that a great employee experience breeds agility, customer empathy, and innovation.

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Positive employee experience helps your bottomline

Supporting your employee life cycle grows retention, attracts new hires, and builds a thriving company culture where employees become advocates and innovators. Engage your workers with custom programs and app automation to make touch points along the employee journey seamless.

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Easy engagement survey templates for onboarding or routine sentiment as you track progress on goals from DEI, health & wellness, or more.

Release routine pulse surveys and track employee feedback and sentiment in real-time.

Encourage teams with incentivized training or fun activities, celebrate work anniversaries, and bring core values to life with recognitions.

Automated incentives make performance management easy as you push towards your goals.

Cooleaf engagement experts work with your HR team to review engagement stats on the platform and offer insights and programming.

Empower your teams and nimbly make metric-driven changes based on your employee needs.

Level up your customer experience and support your biggest fans

Lead the charge with agile, sustainable innovation with the right tools to interact with your customers. Boost product experience with Cooleaf’s listen, engage, measure approach to create a community of super users. Gather feedback for your next update and show your customers that their opinion truly matters with each launch.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"We had a Slack channel for celebrations. Everyday we recognized people’s birthdays and anniversaries, and while everyone enjoyed it, it was a heavy lift for our office team. It’s great that now everything’s moved to Cooleaf, which helps with efficiencies for our HR team, so shoutouts happen automatically, without fail no matter what day."

Company logo of Shipt, Cooleaf's employee engagement platform customer
Walt Till
Director of Employee Experience at Shipt