Motivate the right behaviors, at the right time 

When it comes to performance, consistency is key. Cooleaf helps you design an employee incentives plan to celebrate wins and drive key behaviors across sales, customer service, and more.

Reward and recognize achievements now – not months later


Integrated platform

Automated rewards integrated with your CRM, help desk software, and other platforms

Tailored strategy

Target specific business goals and KPIs with a custom performance incentive strategy

Performance dashboard

Track and measure progress in real-time with powerful reports and analytics

Reward employee performance with integrated incentives

Huge goals can seem insurmountable. By rewarding small achievements as they happen, your team stays intrinsically motivated.

Develop a winning performance strategy

We don’t just do employee incentives. We also help you create a strategy to help your team succeed. Collaborate with our engagement experts to define the behaviors you want to reinforce, set up performance triggers, and run an effective employee incentive program.

Get actionable performance metrics

Organizations with an incentive program see a 52% increase in productivity. Track the impact of your employee incentive plan with customizable reports, and tailor incentives that make the most impact for each individual.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

Cooleaf is a great way to encourage interaction among your team, for managers to say thank-you, and to reward the positive actions that you want to see repeated.

Jonathan Bill

SBS Accounting

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