Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure and take action on employee feedback

Employees who feel heard are 4x more likely to do their best work, and companies see higher revenues than those who don't.

Get more from your employee feedback surveys

Up-to-the-minute data

Capture instant feedback to tackle potential issues before they become a problem.

Strategy Design

Take the guesswork out of surveying, and use our expert-designed templates and cadences.

Actionable Insights

Get data-driven recommendations to boost engagement scores and improve performance.

Get up-to-the-minute insights on employee sentiment

Built-in incentives

Increase survey participation with simple built-in incentives for sharing anonymous feedback.

Smart targeting

Use advanced targeting to send custom surveys to specific departments, teams, or individuals.

Automated scheduling

Build, customize, and schedule recurring surveys right from your employee engagement platform. No spreadsheets required.

Customizable employee surveys to help you get the right feedback at the right time

eNPS surveys

Easily measure eNPS feedback from across your organization and benchmark results over time.

Manager surveys

Track manager effectiveness and frequency of recognition and get insights on how to improve manager performance.

Employee engagement surveys

Discover how your employees feel about your organization with customizable employee engagement surveys.

Take action on employee engagement with data-driven insights

Analyze sentiment

Understand the data against teams, geographies, and departments to see what’s working and where action is needed.


Our engagement consultants and built-in recommendations are here to help you measure results and finetune your action plan.

Engagement tactics

Need to improve diversity & inclusion? Or more wellness programming? Improve your employee experience with simple, effective engagement tactics.

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