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Boost Staff and Employee Engagement for your Campus

According to Gallup, engaged faculty members in higher education make the difference in student success, job satisfaction, and retention.

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Build a better future for your institution starting with engaged employees

Staff engagement can make all the difference in combating burnout, employee turnover, and the students experience. Boost your staff morale and work with our engagement experts to develop your goals and to customize your faculty engagement activities and recognition program.

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Growing an engaged workforce starts with gathering staff members' feedback and Cooleaf helps you learn about your baseline sentiment.

Seamlessly issue employee engagement surveys and hone in on opportunities for growth.

Support development opportunities, cross-departmental connections, and a fun work environment with the help of our engagement experts.

Build a holistic employee experience with recognitions and staff programming on one app.

Create significant impact as you track adoption, recognitions, and more! Cooleaf experts walk you through your quarterly metrics to act.

Bring a metric-driven approach to employee engagement with our manager dashboards and views.

Bring holistic engagement to your campus and alumni

Along with fostering strong work engagement, stay connected with your alumni network on Cooleaf. A campus community includes current and former students and staff afterall. You can bring the experience online with Cooleaf's easy-to-use app and gather feedback on student experience, communicate news, host a team store, and champion that school pride.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"A number of employee incentive solutions exist in the market. We use Cooleaf. It enables us to incentivize staff around any objective that's paired with a task. Want to encourage people to take better care of themselves? They can earn Cooleaf points for their steps. Motivate them to read more. Post summaries of reads for points. Same with recruitment. Receive points for networking, introductions, etc."

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