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Boost Employee Engagement on Your Campus

The key to a positive student experience is dedicated, engaged faculty and staff. Cooleaf’s community engagement platform helps you motivate and retain higher education workers while building a stronger culture on campus.

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An employee engagement strategy to boost faculty retention and community engagement

Higher education workers are more burned out than ever. In the post-pandemic workplace, colleges and universities need a modern solution to inspire and engage higher education workers at scale.


of executives say employee engagement is critical to their organization’s success (Harvard Business Review)


of university faculty and staff are highly engaged in their jobs (Gallup)


of higher education institutions see a correlation between staff engagement and retention (Deloitte)

Reward higher ed workers with real-time recognition

Addressing staff burnout and low morale in higher education is vital for student success as well as employee retention. By fostering a culture of appreciation, universities can help staff members feel more engaged and inspired. Cooleaf makes it easy with customizable Awards for years of service, birthdays, and other milestones, along with a powerful engagement strategy.

Automated birthdays and work anniversaries with customizable messages and rewards

Effective employee engagement surveys to track mental health, job satisfaction, and more

Performance awards and incentives based on your organization’s goals

Year-round engagement calendar with built-in virtual challenges

Meaningful appreciation gifts for birthdays, work anniversaries, and service milestones

Drive staff and faculty engagement with virtual challenges, celebrations, and events

Keeping your staff connected is about more than end-of-year holiday parties and annual bonuses. With Cooleaf, you can give faculty members a mobile-friendly platform to spotlight their peers, see internal communications, join fun activities and challenges, and get rewarded for professional development — all while reinforcing your organization’s mission and core values.

Peer recognition aligned with core values

Manager training initiatives for team leaders

Virtual activities designed to support mental health and employee wellbeing

Team-building challenges to encourage community engagement

Measure faculty wellbeing with employee engagement surveys

Prevent faculty and staff turnover before it happens by measuring levels of employee engagement and tracking job satisfaction. Gather real-time feedback from your higher education staff with simple, incentivized surveys. Plus, Cooleaf includes an engagement strategy to improve retention and boost company morale over time.

Effective employee engagement surveys to measure mental health, eNPS, and more

Strategic recommendations for employee engagement initiatives

Assistance with measuring employee engagement ROI and tracking metrics

One platform to recognize, engage, and empower your higher education employees

Our award-winning platform improves team collaboration and motivation through a dedicated engagement strategy and powerful engagement tools. Through intuitive recognition and expertly-designed programming, we empower workplaces to lead with love.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"Challenges on Cooleaf are so easy and fun to do, and the rewards are great! I have redeemed my points for Target gift cards so many times, and usually all I have to do to earn points is share an idea or a quick photo. I love using Cooleaf to earn reward points and connecting with coworkers I don’t usually see!"

Ellie M.
Academic Counselor at Auburn University

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