On-Demand Webinar: Employee Retention Strategies for the New Workplace

On-Demand Webinar: Employee Retention Strategies for the New Workplace

With the Great Resignation upon us, it’s time for organizations to rethink their culture strategy. In this webinar, Cooleaf and Shipt share the key drivers of employee retention and engagement.

On-Demand Webinar: Employee Retention Strategies for the New Workplace

The post-Covid turnover tsunami that many experts predicted is here. More than 27 million people left their jobs between January and May of this year, according to the U.S. Labor Department. The vast majority of them — a total of nearly 17.9 million — left voluntarily.

And now, 95% of employees are considering leaving their current positions.

People are calling it the “The Great Resignation,” and leaders across the globe are scrambling to adopt new strategies to retain their employees.

In a recent live webinar, we sat down with Walt Till, the Director of Employee Experience at Shipt, to discuss the problem of turnover and how organizations can take action to build a better work experience for their employees.

Shipt began as a grocery delivery service in 2014. They were acquired by Target in 2018, expanded nationwide, and today they offer same-day delivery of just about everything – from household goods to pet supplies, electronics, delivered from both nationwide and local retailers.

During the pandemic, Shipt’s order volume went “through the roof,” according to Walt. “So, not only was everyone working in this new, fully remote world, but the workload increased exponentially across all teams. At first that was invigorating. But over time, it wears on you, and you start experiencing some burnout.”

Shipt embraced team creativity with a fun-filled Customer Service Week

From celebrating their support team with a fun-filled Customer Service Week to rethinking employee check-ins, Shipt doubled down on their employee engagement tactics in 2020 and 2021.

The results paid off. “By bringing in a new learning and development platform, the Cooleaf recognition platform, intentional team-building and networking, quarterly goals and career check-in processes and DE&I work, we’ve been able to maintain that culture that makes Shipt unique and makes folks want to hang around,” said Walt. (Read how Shipt's holistic approach increased employee engagement and performance metrics.)

Adopting remote work also led to a mindset shift around work-life integration, as Walt pointed out. “Today, it’s impossible to separate work and home life. I think we used to be afraid of it… but if leaders embrace the opportunity, it can go a long way in a team member feeling connected and committed.”

Employee expectations are changing – and if companies want to retain top talent, they must adapt. By making a consistent effort to help employees feel heard, valued, and understood, organizations can dramatically improve team engagement and retention.

Watch the full webinar, which covers:

  • Why employee experience matters in today’s digital-first world
  • The key drivers of employee retention
  • How to scale company culture in a remote environment
  • Tips for improving your employee journey, from onboarding to offboarding 

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