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Peer recognition & incentives to boost culture

Recognition is a powerful tool that reminds employees that their hard work carries purpose.  Strong employee appreciation builds company culture along with supporting the bottom line.

Customizable peer recognition program with your goals in mind


Reduce friction

Streamline incentives in one seamless employee recognition program.

Drive engagement

Evaluate activity and get data-driven recommendations to grow performance.

On-the-spot recognition

Not just employee of the month. Highlight moments of above and beyond work.

Bring your core values to life with manager and peer recognition 

Give shout-outs for years of service and commitment to your organization

Boost team members' morale with meaningful, personalized gifts that make an impact

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences

When we introduced the values and purpose statement, we encouraged everybody to go on Cooleaf and recognize someone who lived the values for them. The platform helps you reinforce those values and helps your team understand what it really means. We wouldn’t have that without a public, very intentional platform like Cooleaf.

Company logo of Shipt, Cooleaf's employee engagement platform customer

Walt Till

Director of Employee Experience at Shipt

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