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A holistic approach to the new workplace experience

Creating a human-centric experience is about more than just having the right tech stack. Cooleaf helps connect people strategies to business priorities and unifies your ability to listen, recognize, reward, and engage your team—all from a single platform.

Cooleaf's experience management platform aids in the alignment of people initiatives with business objectives

Meet the three dimensions of human experience

Cooleaf’s Experience Operating System™ helps you to unify the three core dimensions of human experiences:

Cooleaf’s experience management platform provides custom-tailored programs
  • Tactical

    The nuts and bolts of what people need to get their work done.

  • Emotional

    The feeling of being seen, heard, and valued, and connected to peers.

  • Philosophical

    The belief that your personal values and beliefs are shared by your organization.

In order to create an extraordinary experience for your people, all three dimensions need to be in play. That’s where Cooleaf comes in.

Create a hub for communication and collaboration, connected with the tools you’re already using

We’re living in a golden age of HR technology. There’s never been more (or better) tools available for digital communication or tracking employee data. But unfortunately, this has led many organizations to a hodge-podge of systems, partners, and efforts, with very little guidance on how all the pieces fit together.

Cooleaf helps you guide and streamline your HR processes while creating a more unified experience for your team. Want recognition? Years of service awards? Performance incentives? Programming? They’re now all in one place. 

Cooleaf serves as a digital hub for team communication and engagement, seamlessly connecting to your existing tools (like Slack or Microsoft Teams), to boost visibility and participation.

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Cooleaf's experience management platform serves as a hub for communication & collaboration

Build a company culture where people feel seen, heard, and valued

Creating a unified company culture can be difficult, especially with a remote or distributed team. Cooleaf brings a modern approach to team engagement with our listen-engage-measure framework.

You’ll be able to capture employee sentiment with pulse surveys, bring people together with recognition & virtual activities, and understand your employee experience with powerful dashboards and analytics. Plus, our engagement experts will design a custom strategy for you to help you get the most out of the platform. With Cooleaf, it’s easy to discover exactly what your team needs, wants, and feels, and take quick action to create richer experiences and drive performance.

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Bring core values to life with a targeted social impact strategy

In today’s workplace, verbal commitment to social impact isn’t enough. Taking action on social impact can mean the difference between a “good” and an “extraordinary” employee experience.

Alignment with social impact not only helps to bring talent into your organization but also sends signals about your company's values and culture to employees, prospects, customers, and partners.

Cooleaf brings your company core values to life through spot recognition, virtual activities, and volunteering campaigns. Whether you choose to focus on sustainability, building inclusivity, or volunteering, Cooleaf helps you integrate positive company values into the flow of daily work.

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We support your journey from day one

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be there for you every step of the way, from the initial platform launch, to providing ongoing training and insights, to designing an experience strategy that aligns with your goals.

Our partnership with you goes beyond platform optimization, too. We also provide custom strategies & recommendations to ensure that your people are tactically, emotionally, and philosophically engaged. That’s what makes us different.

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Custom-tailored program plans to enhance your stakeholder experience

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"With Cooleaf, we’ve been able to reinforce positive behaviors while giving employees the recognition they deserve."

Jackson & Coker, a Cooleaf customer, has improved engagement and boosted company culture

Chris Koenigshof

VP of Human Resources, Jackson & Coker
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