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Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

Why does company culture and employee engagement matter? Having a people-first first approach, engaging teams holistically with your organization's mission, hosting programs to help them grow, and recognizing hard work builds job satisfaction and boosts business.

What you'll learn:

  • How to create a human-centric employee experience
  • How to motivate your team and managers
  • What metrics to dive into when evaluating your engagement opportunities
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Key Strategies for Employee Retention

Developing an employee engagement strategy not only reduces employee turnover and motivates your team, but it sames you time and money in the long run. Hiring and recruiting takes time and resources, and investing in your people ensures a more loyal and healthier employee lifecycle.

What you'll learn:

  • What causes employee turnover and actionable solutions
  • Why Employee Retention matters for your business
  • How to create a holistic employee retention strategy
  • Tools to implement to execute your employee retention strategy
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The Ultimate Guide for Engaging Virtual Teams

If you're leading a remote team, you know that keeping your people engaged and motivated is crucial to a successful workday. But virtual teams often struggle to communicate effectively and feel connected to their company culture. This resource is the ultimate guide to keeping your remote team engaged and inspired.

What you'll learn:

  • How to improve communication with a virtual team
  • How to use employee feedback to drive employee engagement
  • Leadership tips and strategies for remote teamwork
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We put Cooleaf in place shortly before the pandemic and it was a little bit of a loss when we weren’t able to get together physically. But with Cooleaf we were able to use it as a lifeline to keep people together, so when we were given the opportunity to work with Make-a-Wish, our employees were excited. We had a high participation rate and we’re really happy we were able to fundraise for the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Cindy Boyles

CHRO at Georgia's Own Credit Union

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