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Future-Proofing HR: Driving a Positive Impact on Employees and Business in 2024

Dive into a transformative discussion originally presented in a recent expert-led session. This episode focuses on the critical influence of HR in advancing both employee welfare and business objectives as we approach 2024 and beyond. John Duisberg hosts our panel of experts who share their insights on harmonizing business growth with fostering a positive organizational environment.

Featured Speakers:

  • Kevin Henry, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, PulteGroup
  • Sylvia Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer, Safe-Guard Products International

Key Insights:

  • HR and Business Alignment: Learn about the vital role of HR in marrying people-focused strategies with business goals for overall success.
  • Growth Through HR: Discover how to assess the impact of HR initiatives on both the business and its employees, showcasing real returns.
  • Technological Integration in HR: Explore how leaders are using technology to craft personalized and efficient employee experiences.
  • Developing a Dynamic Workplace Culture: Find out the strategies employed by PulteGroup and Safe-Guard to create exceptional workplace environments.
  • Employee Experience Essentials: Get the foremost tip for improving employee experience in the year 2024.

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