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Innovative Strategies to Foster a Supportive Environment with Linda Matzigkeit

How does a distributed company with more than 13,000 people create a thriving workplace culture?

In this episode, John Duisberg sits down with Linda Matzigkeit, Chief Administrative Officer at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Children’s has a diverse workforce with over 13,000 people who work across three hospitals, eight urgent cares, and many other ambulatory locations across metro Atlanta.

Children’s recently made a conscious effort to double down on culture and redefine their mission, vision, values, and employee promise. Linda and John discuss the innovative tactics her team employed to reinforce the new Children's Healthcare of Atlanta story, the crucial role that leadership visibility plays in employee engagement, and how investing time in employees and recognizing their efforts can create a positive workplace culture.

Tune in for valuable insights and inspiration on empowering managers and sustaining a robust organizational culture, especially during challenging times.

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