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The Pillars of Flourishing in a Remote-First Workplace with Seth Bartholomew

Today, John Duisberg sits down with Seth Bartholomew, the Head of Employee Experience at Chronosphere. With a rich background in People leadership roles at top companies such as Huly, Disney, and FabFitFun, Seth has a unique perspective on how to create thriving company cultures and empower employees to truly flourish.

Discover how Chronosphere operationalizes company values across different geographies and time zones, while maintaining a welcoming, remote-first environment. You'll also learn about the importance of intentionality in acquiring and retaining talent, the role of data in crafting better employee experiences, and the critical best practices shared in Chronosphere's Remote-First Playbook.

Tune in to hear Seth and John’s conversation about helping your organization and people flourish in a remote-first work environment.

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