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Trust and Transparency: The Building Blocks of Culture with Eric Ly

Ever wondered how a LinkedIn co-founder approaches trust in the world of remote work? Dive into an intimate conversation between John and Eric Ly, a tech entrepreneur who transitioned from co-founding one of the world's most influential networking platforms, LinkedIn, to redefining background checks with his new venture, KarmaCheck.

In this episode, John and Eric explore the heart of organizational culture, focusing on trust and transparency. From the inception of KarmaCheck to its growth as a fully remote and distributed team across the US, Eric delves into the significance of integrating these values.

As they navigate through the transformative nature of work, learn about the essentials of daily stand-ups, the role of authenticity in leadership, and strategies for effective remote hiring. As a cherry on top, Eric rounds off with a practical piece of advice for leaders looking to ace the remote work culture.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a leader in the corporate realm, or just an individual passionate about workplace culture, this episode is packed with insights and real-world experiences that'll inspire and guide.

Ready to rethink trust and transparency in your workspace? Tune in!

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