Customer Experience

Grow your CSAT and your brand community

Modernize your approach to your customer loyalty program and intuitively connect with your brands' fans with feedback surveys, activities, and more!

Incentivize your customer experience and get results


Empower customer voices

Determine which value proposition resonates best with your potential customers.


Mobilize your customers

Nurture customers from onboarding to adoption with online activities and a tailored awards program to grow your business.


Make an impact

Track customer metrics and diagnose issues or friction as you iterate on feedback and cater to your customers' needs.

Take action with real time customer feedback

Our modern customer loyalty program cultivates and engages your fanbase and intuitively pushes out NPS and pulse surveys as customers navigate their customer journey through your product. Listen to valuable feedback and gage how customers feel and think about your product or their customer experience.

And perfect your CSAT cadence while growing your yield with customer incentives and a tailored rewards program. Increase your CSAT and NPS scores by bolstering your Customer Support teams with recognition and incentivized benchmarks for success.

From loyal customers to brand advocates

Gamify customer incentives and motivate customers with online challenges to contribute online reviews, to share on social media, or to send referrals. Tailor your customer experience with personalized onboarding or incentivized adoption. Through Cooleaf's fun and easy mobile app, customers can earn reward points on activities and redeem perks like Starbucks or Apple gift cards or access to a swag shop.

It's time to bring a modern approach to engagement, and Cooleaf's expert guidance helps drive growth while increasing your customer retention rate.

Show that your customers' voices are heard

Go beyond measurement with your customer data. Create an authentic, emotional connection with your customers as you build a customer community, track metrics, and show that their voices are making an impact.

Cultivating a community for new and existing customers goes beyond a marketing strategy— it's a way for you to build a loyal customer base while iterating on valuable feedback and honing in on friction in the customer experience.

Reward or target specific super user groups to try out new features or gain access pre-launch and deepen the connection to your product and to other community members.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"We needed to recognize our CX team’s efforts in more real-time to maximize the positive impact on engagement and key metrics. Cooleaf’s solution gave us the perfect platform to modernize our process and foster a culture of positivity."

Colin Crowley
VP of Customer Experience, Freshly