Product Experience

Better your product experience and reach product market fit

Bring users into your product development and hone in needs. Decrease time to value with incentives as customers navigate the user experience.

Put your customer needs at the forefront in your next launch


Intuitive Signals from Customers

Determine which value proposition resonates best with your potential customers.


Reduce Time to Value

Gamify the customer experience as users move through the journey or offer feedback.


Track Trends in Feedback

What MVP to focus on next? Develop a focused, metric-driven roadmap.

Bring your customers into product development at every stage of their experience

Every iteration of your product should take customer experience into account, so how are you gathering feedback? With Cooleaf, you can gather signals as users dive into your platform.

Discover and resolve friction from your user experience, brand messaging, to pricing and packaging, and set yourself up for success at each update.

Grow your brand recognition and profits by targeting your ideal customers in the market, and tailor your products or reach as you start to identify the right user segmentation. Getting a detailed understanding of your target customer and their needs not only helps your bottom line but shows your users that their feedback matters.

Decrease time to value with buy in from the right target market

Engage new customers along their journey with incentives and online challenges to encourage users to take next steps in your platform. Develop an engaged user community and gather valuable customer feedback on a product's messaging or a specific feature set.

For early stage startups or veteran SaaS platforms, focusing your R&D team's efforts is essential to successfully launching your next minimum viable product, and with Cooleaf, you can grow an engaged customer base to help you identify your best product or service ideas.

An engaged community not only increases retention and reduces churn, but it helps you gather the right market research as you develop your product roadmap.

Get ahead of success with insights early on

Go beyond measurement with your customer data. Create an authentic, emotional connection with your customers as you build a customer community, track metrics, and show that their voices are making an impact.

Cultivating a community for new and existing customers goes beyond a marketing strategy— it's a way for you to build a loyal customer base while iterating on valuable feedback and honing in on friction in the customer experience.

Reward or target specific super user groups to try out new features or gain access pre-launch and deepen the connection to your product and to other community members.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

"We needed to recognize our CX team’s efforts in more real-time to maximize the positive impact on engagement and key metrics. Cooleaf’s solution gave us the perfect platform to modernize our process and foster a culture of positivity."

Colin Crowley
VP of Customer Experience, Freshly