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A better approach to employee experience

With Cooleaf's employee experience management platform, you can build a winning company culture of passionate, motivated, and engaged team members.

Holistic employee engagement software eons ahead of standard approaches


Check-in regularly with Pulse Surveys

Implement regular pulse surveys for quick real-time feedback on employee satisfaction. Measure results company-wide, across teams, office locations, or departments and get actionable insights to create an engaged workforce. See in real-time: who needs coaching? Who is growing? Which rewards resonate the most? 
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Measure KPIs with Performance Monitoring

Customize your own performance management program and reinforce weekly or monthly benchmarks and employee performance with automated awards. Create an action plan to progress employee development and track individual success through manager dashboards while staying focused on the bottom line.
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Engage Holistically

Cooleaf partners with your People team to engage teams in behaviors that drive personal development and business forward.


Employee Recognition & Rewards

Support retention and create engaged employees with peer recognitions and incentives or rewards. Reinforce core values and messaging, celebrate years of service, and reward major wins with employee gifting.
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Performance Incentives

Don't lose sight of the bottom line. Engage employees with the right rewards or activities and track individual successes and metrics for performance reviews. Or add a perk for going above and beyond!
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Employee Programming

Get customized engagement programs to match your core values and develop that positive work environment. Boost employee morale with survey tools and varied activities to promote health and wellness, DEI, learning & development and more. 
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Measure & Iterate

Gather employee feedback for your HR team with routine pulse surveys to measure everything from your onboarding process, job satisfaction, or employee engagement.

We'll follow-up with your survey results to provide personalized engagement solutions.

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We pride ourselves in our data-minded, creative, friendly engagement experts on the Cooleaf Customer Success Team. We’ll work with you to provide:

  • An onboarding expert & programming to effectively launch your team’s new engagement platform

  • Quarterly check-ins with performance-metrics you can bring back to your executive team

  • Quarterly engagement programming, along with a go-to library of activities to suit your goals

  • Routine webinars, newsletters, and resources to help you listen, engage, measure your engagement

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

When we introduced the values and purpose statement, we encouraged everybody to go on Cooleaf and recognize someone who lived the values for them. The platform helps you reinforce those values and helps your team understand what it really means. We wouldn’t have that without a public, very intentional platform like Cooleaf.

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Walt Till

Director of Employee Experience at Shipt
Experience the Cooleaf's engagement platform to build appreciation cultures in organizations

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