Personalized, meaningful rewards for everyone

Develop deeply engaged stakeholders with Cooleaf's performance incentives and recognition programs.

Small incentives given in real time for accomplishments
Cooleaf is a top-reviewed software platform loved by brands nationwideCooleaf is a top-reviewed software platform loved by brands nationwideCooleaf is a top-reviewed software platform loved by brands nationwideCooleaf is a top-reviewed software platform loved by brands nationwideCooleaf is a top-reviewed software platform loved by brands nationwide

Huge goals can seem insurmountable. By rewarding achievements as they happen, your team stays intrinsically motivated. 

"When people receive immediate rewards for completing smaller tasks, they find more interest and  enjoyment in their work, compared to people who received delayed rewards only given out at the end of a long project."
Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fishbach, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Cooleaf's rewards and recognition program gives your managers the tools to motivate and celebrate your people

Anniversaries, awards and milestone achievements -recognized automatically

Never miss a key date again. Cooleaf's recognition and rewards program incorporates your team's birthdays, work anniversaries, and other key milestones. Automate anniversary awards to be sent on team member and customer birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestone achievements so that your people feel seen and valued as they knock down goals on their path to success.

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Cooleaf's recognition program automatically recognizes people on key dates like work anniversaries

Rewards that resonate

Tap into Cooleaf’s robust catalog of hundreds of rewards and give your people the chance to choose rewards that are most meaningful to them - from gift cards and merchandise from favorite brands, to meal delivery and charitable donations, to company swag and time off. You can add limitless custom rewards to your company's catalog.

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A custom rewards catalog gives people rewards that they want

Move the needle with top prospects

What if, instead of generic trade show tchotchkes, you could give your top prospects something personal and meaningful? The power of a personalized gift lets your team  stand out in a sea of sameness. Set meetings more often and close deals faster with gifting in your sales toolbelt.

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Sales incentives to drive pipeline performance

“Customer love” on a higher level

Customer appreciation is important, and sending customer milestone gifts is as easy as could be with Cooleaf. Pull in customer anniversaries from your CRM, send a note to celebrate their milestone, and let your key contacts choose a gift  from the catalog.  Or, send a gift "just because," and boost loyalty among your very best partners.

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Customer appreciation is a breeze with Cooleaf

Create a company store in a snap

Creating a company store from scratch is cumbersome and expensive, but not with Cooleaf. Outfit your whole team (and your favorite customers) with branded company swag like t-shirts, mugs, and bags. From inventory to fulfillment to shipping, Cooleaf takes care of it all. No order minimums required, no inventory to store, and no constantly updating mailing addresses. Just select and redeem, and your swag is on its way to the recipient’s doorstep.  

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Easily create a company store and house company swag effortlessly with Cooleaf
Cooleaf's award-winning engagement platform gives your people the ability to be seen, heard, and valued at work.

Small incentives motivate big actions. Use Cooleaf's customized rewards system to realize your goals.