Why gifting?

A thoughtful, well-timed gift can help you break through the noise and set you apart from the competition. Why? Because the right gift demonstrates appreciation, understanding, and connection.

On average, sales representatives generate more than twice as much revenue when they distribute a small gift at the onset of their negotiations.

From onboarding new employees to incentivizing customers, gift-giving is a powerful way to show you care.
Easily send gift cards and other items to employees, customers, and clients

Stand out from the pack with corporate gifting

Let's face it: getting the attention of potential clients is difficult. Gifting helps you build meaningful personal connections with prospects and get the attention of the right people. Break through the clutter with a personalized, thoughtful gift, and book more meetings.

With a shared points pool, you can enable your team to start sending external gifts in seconds. Reward fulfillment is instantaneous and fully managed by Cooleaf, so you don't need to worry about chasing down home addresses or ordering gift cards.

How to attract and get customers' attention with corporate gifting

Create a custom rewards catalog, tailored for your brand

Say goodbye to generic corporate gifts. Choose from thousands of popular e-gift cards and merchandise options and create your own unique, branded rewards catalog. From hoverboards to custom experiences, we've got something for everyone – no matter where they're located.

Not sure which gift to choose? Send Cooleaf reward points. Gift recipients gain access to your tailored catalog and choose the gift that’s most meaningful to them.

Simple, flexible, and customizable rewards for teams and customers

Delight your customers and build loyalty

Your customers' time and attention is valuable.  Incentivize customers to leave positive reviews, send testimonials, or provide valuable feedback with small, personalized gifts. Your customers will feel more appreciated and more connected to your brand.

Showing appreciation for your customers and teams shouldn't be seasonal. With Cooleaf's ongoing engagement programming and pulse surveys, you'll have more opportunities to delight customers year-round.

Boost customer loyalty with thoughtful and unique corporate gifting

Empower your sales team, support team, and managers to start sending gifts in seconds

We're here to help you create a meaningful gifting program to delight your customers, prospects, and team members. Our engagement experts will help you set up a rewards catalog and create a gifting strategy based on your unique goals.

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Turn cold calls into warm calls with corporate gifting
Cooleaf's award-winning engagement platform gives your people the ability to be seen, heard, and valued at work.

Hone in on the actions that drive the most success, and set them on repeat with Cooleaf.