15 HR Conferences To Have on Your Radar in 2024

15 HR Conferences To Have on Your Radar in 2024

As an HR professional, HR conferences are one of the best ways to learn and develop your skills in talent management, learn the latest practices and HR trends, and connect with others.

15 HR Conferences To Have on Your Radar in 2024

The HR industry and our workplaces keep evolving. HR professionals must keep up with what's new and understand new strategies and trends to keep their organizations thriving. As an HR professional, how do you plan to keep up?

The start of a new year presents an excellent opportunity to plan for your professional development, so we figured you might benefit from knowing about the HR leadership conferences happening in 2024. There’s a ton of new learnings to gain from attending HR conferences. From finding out which employee benefits are the most in-demand, learning new approaches to DEI, and more!

Beyond staying updated with current HR trends and practices, attending conferences with other business leaders and HR professionals is a great way to network with peers (outside of LinkedIn!), and discover new solutions or business opportunities.

Do you want to know which conferences to consider? Check out this list of 15 HR conferences to have on your radar in 2024:

1. The Future of Work Expo

February 13-15 | Ft Lauderdale, FL

At the Future of Work Expo, industry experts will focus on all the aspects of a hybrid workplace—addressing key areas such as productivity, team collaboration, employee engagement, automation of work processes, and the human element. This conference is ideal for HR professionals championing workplace transformation projects. You will leave with actionable strategies for navigating the future of work.

2. Talent Acquisition Week

January 29 - February 1 | San Diego, CA

Talent Acquisition Week brings together the leading minds in talent management and talent sourcing. Today’s remote and hybrid workplace opens the door for new talent pools and global collaboration, and it’s important to stay on top of current practices and trends. Learning everything from equity and inclusion, to how to improve candidate messaging and experience, and social media recruitment.

3. AHRD 2024 International Research Conference

February 21-24 | Arlington, VA

The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD), an organization created to support the research and development of the human resources profession, is hosting the 31st edition of the AHRD conference. Designed for the scholarly community of HR practitioners, this conference offers opportunities for discussing new HRD research insights, submitting blind peer-reviewed articles, and interacting with other scholars.  

Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) is one of the best global HR conferences to attend to learn more about the latest in HR tech and practices.

4. People Analytics Conference 2024

March 14-15 | Philadelphia, PA

Are you striving to make better, data-driven decisions or trying to understand the ROI for people-related initiatives? Then, this conference is for you. The Wharton School is hosting the next edition of its People Analytics Conference, which would be great at helping people analytics professionals leverage the power of data through actionable and data-driven insights applicable within their organizations.

5. I4CP Conference: Next Practice Now

March 25-28 | Scottsdale, AZ & Virtual

The number one conference for HR executives and leaders, I4CP’s annual event focuses on networking with peers (not vendors), so you’re more likely to connect with industry fellows. This event is for top HR leaders, authors, industry experts, and more to meet in person and discuss changes we’re all experiencing in the modern workplace. Attendees can expect to come away with fresh ideas on how your employee engagement strategy can align with your business impact.

6. SHRM Talent Conference and Exposition

April 14-17 | Las Vegas, NV & Virtual

Are you a recruiter or talent management professional, or are you looking to break into this profession? Then, consider attending the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)'s Talent Conference. At this conference, you will find opportunities to interact with like-minded business leaders and learn new strategies for reaching untapped talent pools and retaining your best performers.

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7. Future of Work Series, U.S.

June 3-4 | New York, NY & Virtual

The Future of Work Series is a mix of international events that are both in-person and virtual. Hosted New York’s Downtown Marriott, HR leaders and change makers will connect over what employee experience means post-pandemic and how can people teams combat employee burnout. Join brands like Coca-Cola and Wayfair as you learn about the latest in HR, employee retention, and strategy.

8. ATD International Conference & Exposition (ATD24)

May 19-22 | New Orleans, LA

Every year, the Association of Talent Development (ATD) hosts learning and development (L&D) professionals worldwide and offers them the opportunity to learn and develop themselves! If you are new in the field, a certified professional, a team leader, an accidental instructional designer, a chief talent officer, or anything in between, ATD23 is the place for you. You will learn about trends and best practices from thought leaders, discover new L&D tools and solutions, and interact with your peers.

9. The SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (SHRM24)

June 23-26 | Chicago, IL & Virtual

The SHRM24 event is one you want to attend, especially as this year's event will be their 76th anniversary. As SHRM describes it, this conference is the "largest gathering of HR professionals on Earth." It runs for four days and offers several aspects, such as competency-based seminars, inspiring addresses from industry leaders, hands-on workshops, curated content for pressing HR issues, several networking opportunities, and a wide range of exhibitors with solutions for your organization's needs.

If you’re hoping to learn about the latest advances in HR tech, how top companies are innovating their employee experience, and hear from best-in-class keynote speakers, look no further!

10. Total Rewards ’24

May 20-24 | Cincinnati, OH

The entire Total Rewards ecosystem will benefit from attending this conference. It promises an intimate learning experience with industry experts on cutting-edge total rewards strategies, dynamic workshops, and networking opportunities with peers from global companies.

At this conference, you’ll get the chance to dive into the strategies that organizations worldwide are using to reward talent and bend the bottom line.

11. Unleash America 2024

May 7-9 | Las Vegas, NV

Unleash America is hosting the International Festival of HR in Vegas Spring of 2024! Mix and mingle with startups, enterprises, and growing companies who are looking to change how we approach HR and how we work. You’ll also rub shoulders with employees from big-name organizations like Google and Nasa. Check out the exhibition floor to explore new technologies in HR and people experience or join a discussion on talent acquisition. This event has hosted speakers like mogul Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group to thought leader Arianna Huffington of Thrive Global in the past, and this year is no different. Can’t attend everything you want? The conference hosts its own podcast so you can tune in anytime!

12. HR Technology Conference and Exposition

September 24-27 | Las Vegas, NV

The HR Technology Conference is a great opportunity for many enthusiastic HR technology professionals to learn about the latest technology solution that is breaking into or leading the HR industry. The HR technology conference hosts two unique events each year, offering opportunities to learn the best practices and tools from industry experts. The onsite event will occur in Las Vegas, while the virtual one will occur from September 24-27.

13. Gartner ReImagine HR Conference 2024

October 28-30 | Orlando, FL

Technological research company Gartner hosts an annual ReImagine HR Conference to bring together CHROs, top HR leadership, and tech. Acknowledging the Pandemic’s influence and need for employee engagement, the ReImagine conference seeks to spotlight innovation and technologies that support people at work, from AI to HRIS. With HR teams leading the conversation in how we work, Gartner wants to help industry experts discover new facets of human performance.

14. SHRM Inclusion 2024

November 4-7 | Denver, CO & Virtual

Our workplaces consist of diverse individuals, so HR professionals must equip themselves with the resources and best practices needed to build an inclusive workplace. At SHRM Inclusion 2024, professionals will learn to expand their thinking and improve cultural awareness around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) through content tracks that address discrimination in the workplace, unconscious bias, inclusive hiring, technology and accessibility, cognitive diversity, as well as DE&I strategy.

15. HR Congress: World Summit HR

May 14-15 | Porto, Portugal

The HR Congress Magazine hosts a global conference for people leaders and executives. Learn from top senior leadership from around the world as they cover strategy, culture, people, and leadership. With organizations expanding their reach beyond countries, it’s a good opportunity to connect cross-culturally.

Start your journey in professional development

As you think about your professional development in 2024, we suggest you keep all of these HR conferences on your radar—and strive to attend at least one relevant to your specific HR function or career goals. Conferences are a great resource to increase your professional network and prepare you for any unexpected changes in the world of work.

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