Cooleaf's award-winning engagement platform gives your people the ability to be seen, heard, and valued at work.

See how top brands use Cooleaf to drive people-first experiences.

Incentivize your team through recognition and rewards 

Freshly turned to Cooleaf when looking for a way to scale an inefficient, ad-hoc recognition program. We designed a program that motivated their growing, global customer experience team with KPI-driven incentives and team-building challenges. Within ninety days, they reduced critical response times and served customers more effectively.

Freshly's global team of customer experience agents used Cooleaf to achieve goals

Bring your team together with a data-driven approach to culture

With a team of 10,000 employees distributed nationwide, Ciox Health needed a partner to scale company culture effectively and give their hundreds of leaders tools to engage and motivate their teams. Within just a few months of adopting Cooleaf's engagement platform, Coix saw a 30% improvement in key productivity metrics.

Coix Health used Cooleaf to engage 10,000 team members

Core values lived out loud helps push performance to new heights.

Healthcare staffing firm Jackson & Coker offers company company perks that are better than most. But after an employee survey revealed that their employees weren't receiving consistent recognition, leadership realized that perks alone don't drive performance. After implementing Cooleaf, they saw 100% participation in peer recognition, an opening up of feedback channels, and a renewed spirit of living out company core values.

Jackson & Coker CASE STUDY
Company core values lived out loud increases team performance
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“The combination of Cooleaf and Slack (they integrate so easily) has made it possible for us to transition to an all-remote workforce -literally overnight - during the pandemic. Cooleaf saved us, really. We have been able to keep communicating, community building, and more during this time."

Linda Kricher, Net Health

‘“I can engage in competitions and challenges with my coworkers and receive rewards points for them that I can redeem for gift card. The challenges have led to some good conversation starters with colleagues who I don't normally get the opportunity to connect with.”

Adrian Ferrera, Auburn University

“We were looking for a different way to promote professional development and encourage intentional and deliberate activities. We also wanted to promote and reward our staff for participation in health and wellness activities. This engagement software provided us with just that capability.”

Kelly McCune, Aprio