[Webinar] Engaging Talent & Fostering Trust Virtually with Daryl Ogden of Kenning Associates

[Webinar] Engaging Talent & Fostering Trust Virtually with Daryl Ogden of Kenning Associates

How can you foster trust in a virtual setting? In this webinar, Daryl Ogden shares 4 essential strategies for building a culture of trust, empathy, and productivity in remote work environments.

[Webinar] Engaging Talent & Fostering Trust Virtually with Daryl Ogden of Kenning Associates

The rise of virtual work environments following 2020 is undeniable. For many teams, what was considered survival mode during the first year of the pandemic is quickly becoming a norm. However, As employees seek flexibility and work-life balance post-COVID by working from home, companies are struggling to re-create the feeling of a face-to-face work environment.

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During Cooleaf’s recent webinar, Daryl Ogden took center stage to address this unique challenge. With organizations becoming increasingly dependent on a distributed workforce (and seeking solutions for employee retention) how do leaders still ensure that company culture is built on a foundation of trust?

Ogden is a senior client counselor, adviser, and coach at Kenning Associates where problem-solving for the challenges of remote work is a large focus area for him. Kenning Associates is a leadership consulting firm focused on increasing the capacity of organizations to move forward more clearly through targeted coaching and professional development.

At Kenning, Ogden works closely with executive leadership and Fortune 500 teams to strategize organization and culture, professional development, vertical alignment, and leadership capacity. His answer to the challenges presented by remote work culture? Accept change and lean into proven frameworks to create a sense of “non-transactional care” for your team members.

In this presentation, Ogden joined Cooleaf to share 4 strategies for business leaders to meaningfully engage talent and cultivate trust on virtual teams. At its core, he shared that building trust without a shared physical space means thinking outside of the box. According to Ogden, If leaders are seeking initiatives to foster a culture of trust, employee advocacy, and loyalty, the following 4 strategies are key:

  1. Credibility
  2. Reliability
  3. Relatability
  4. Self-orientation

These 4 strategies make up The Trust Equation, Ogden’s essential framework for assessing the level of trust present on your teams. This equation is an excellent starting point for companies looking to re-establish a foundation of trust with their team members.

Before any critical decision-making or interventions take place, Ogden urges key stakeholders to carefully consider their trust quotient.

The Trust Equation is just one of the essential frameworks Odgen offers his clients. Business leaders are drivers of company culture; as primary stakeholders, advocates, and mentors molding a culture based on trust is critical. A foundation of trust is vital–not only just for increased productivity but for overall employee well-being and safety.

“It’s our job to double down on trust and to recognize that building trust really is a core driver of team performance,” Ogden told attendees. “We have to get creative about how we build trust in virtual and hybrid environments. We cant build trust in exactly the same ways that we did before when we were together all the time.” 

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