4 Virtual Office Halloween Ideas for Employee Engagement

4 Virtual Office Halloween Ideas for Employee Engagement

Halloween is one of Cooleaf's most popular holidays to host fun and engaging programming. How are you celebrating with your team this year?

Employee halloween ideas for team engagement.

Does your team love embracing Halloween? At Cooleaf, we help teams celebrate wins, employees, and holidays, including everyone's spooky festive favorite, Halloween.

As far as employee engagement, it's one of our most popular holidays for online challenges and activities. The costume contest especially gets everyone from accounting, to development, to marketing game with costume ideas and photos of trick-or-treating kiddos.

According to Business Wire, 2016 research by the company Klick Inc. showed that Halloween for many highly engaged companies was one of the most anticipated company events.  It's also an opportunity to build camaraderie across teams.

In 2021 with so many hybrid or remote teams looking for opportunities to connect, small activities for Halloween could be a great way to open up conversation, get to know one another, and just have fun.

Here are 4 virtual team building activities to celebrate Halloween with your remote team or those in office.

A Quick Note on Celebrating Halloween with Your Team

While Halloween festivities are non-secular, SHRM points out that a spooky holiday party can open doors for potential infractions from appropriate costumes or safety issues, the latter mainly for when you're in office. So be sure to make adjustments and communicate clearly the company policy where needed.

For instance, SHRM shares that the Vericom Corp. team in Roswell, Ga. embraces Halloween with a cubicle decorating contest and costumes, but they make sure to tell employees that decor needs to abide by Fire Safety regulations. And as far as costumes, they should be work appropriate, and when in doubt, don't wear it!

Due to the pandemic, being clear with any regulation is already expected and we're approaching events and get togethers in new ways, so don't hesitate to be clear or reiterate on policies multiple times.

Now, for those Halloween activities to connect and celebrate virtually.

4 Halloween Activities

1. The Classic Costume Contest

Who doesn't love to dress up for Halloween? People might already have costumes already sorted and are just looking for an opportunity to share!

For your virtual Halloween party, why not host a costume contest? You can host it live on a Zoom call and have team members get dressed up for a virtual happy hour and costume pageant.

Or on the Cooleaf platform, you can host a week-long contest to invite everyone to post their costumes, their kids' trick-or-treating, or their pets! Everyone can earn points for sharing and then vote on their favorite for best costume.

Halloween employee appreciation ideas for remote teams.

To take it to the next level, you can create categories for "Most Creative", "Best Couple Costume," "Spookiest", or "Funniest". And don't forget to offer a prize like gift cards or additional Halloween treats— no tricks here!

2. Candy Bracket Challenge

Think March Madness meets candy corn. In this friendly competition of bite size proportions, host daily polls of tasty Halloween favorites. Who's supreme: mini Butterfingers or bite-size Snickers? Who's worse: candy corn versus Halloween black and orange taffy? And let your employees voice their sweet (or maybe sour) opinions on what should win.

You can use an online poll, Slack with emojis, or your own social media feed to encourage employees and followers to join. Take the votes and move winners up the bracket.

Alongside, you can encourage employees to guess winners and keep up their own bracket a la March Madness too. Maybe Milky Ways will have a true Cinderella story. Or maybe pumpkin Reese's will take it all again this year. Who knows!

It's silly, fun, but truly engaging. Everyone has a candy opinion after all. And for the bracket winners, be sure to gift Halloween treats! Maybe the winning candy.

3. Pumpkin Carving Challenge

This time of year brings out thrilling and funny pumpkin carving. Why not host a friendly challenge for team members to share their skills. They can squash the competition in person for some carving in real-time. For remote workers, it might easier to host online ask employees to share their jack-o-lanterns for the whole week and maybe it a . . . Halloweek!

Virtual Halloween celebration ideas for your remote team.

If you have non-pumpkin carvers on your team, ask for Fall or Halloween decor too. And encourage employees to do this activity with family or friends.

You can take it to the next level with themes for their pumpkins: from TV shows this year, self-portraits, or just plain spooky. Or you can set categories for "Most Creative" or "Most Bone Chilling." Through Cooleaf, you can also gift giftcards to team members so they can gather all the tools they need before they get ready-set-gourd!

4. Spooky Party Playlist Activity

Building a playlist together is a fun way to collaborate with remote employees or those in house. Start a Spotify playlist with the Monster Mash, and ask everyone to contribute a Halloween songs from the frightful, the spooky, and the fun.

You can use your ghoulish track list for the Halloween party or if you're remote, be sure to share the playlist with everyone to jam out. As a fun icebreaker before meetings, you can play a track before team meetings while everyone's coming into the call.

If you're looking for more ways to celebrate and engage with your team— let us know! We'd love to chat with you.

4 Virtual Office Halloween Ideas for Employee Engagement

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