5 Employee Survey Questions to Help Define Your Company Values

5 Employee Survey Questions to Help Define Your Company Values

When your employees align and understand your core values, they’re more likely to feel supported and engaged. Ask these 5 questions in your next employee survey to help you understand what your employees think about your company's core values.

Redefining company core values

With the ever-changing workplace, it's no surprise that employees and job seekers are placing more importance on mission and company values in today's work environment. In order to be successful at recruiting and attracting top talent, every business must have a defined set of authentic core values.

In a recent Cooleaf webinar on bringing core values to life, Tanya Fish, Strategy Advisor at ITA Group, said it best: “Your core values can’t just be something you post on a piece of paper or on your website. They need to be something that you help people to understand.”

But how do you help your team members understand your core values? And how do you measure if the people within your company resonate with your core values?

The easiest way to find out whether employees are aligned with your core values is by sending frequent employee engagement surveys and listening to employee feedback.

By sending thoughtful surveys to your people, you’ll be able to find out if your core values are defined and in the voice of your employees.

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Why are core values important?

According to research done by Hays, 47% of active job seekers are leaving their jobs because of company culture. Core values are the backbone that help support your company's culture.

When your company's values don't resonate with employees, it creates frustration and tension within your culture. On the other hand, when your employees align and understand your core values, they're more likely to feel supported and engaged. Core values need to be lived out and felt throughout the organization to ensure alignment and overall job satisfaction.

Core values are also an essential tool in creating an employee experience that's positive, supportive, and motivating.

With Cooleaf, you can create core value challenges to regularly encourage employees to reflect on core values and highlight core value examples.

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Why you need to regularly re-examine your core values

Core values often change over time as companies grow and evolve. Or at least they should. As your core values shift and evolve, you want to ensure that your teams remain in alignment with them.

redefining core values

By regularly re-examining and re-defining your company's core values, you ensure that your values are in the voice of your employees and echoed through your organization.  

Here are five questions to add to your next employee engagement survey to help you gauge if your company values are still relevant today and if any necessary changes should be made to them.

1. What initially drew you to our organization?

This question will help you discover how your employees perceive your organization – and what makes your organization attractive to outsiders. By understanding how your company stands out from the pack, you'll be able to identify patterns that can help to shape your core values.

2. What makes you want to stay at our organization?

While it's important to understand what attracts talent to your organization, it's equally important to pinpoint why people stay. Is it the people, the culture, or maybe the perks? Finding out will help you determine what's retaining your top talent – and give you more insight into what your people truly value.

3. What's the superpower of our company?

Whether it's your laser focus on customer happiness or super speed when resolving tech issues, your company has a superpower. Identifying what it is will help you understand what your people prioritize.

4. On a scale of 1-5, how well does this company authentically demonstrate its core values?

This question will help you measure the effectiveness of your current company core values. Do your people see your current values as authentic? Follow-up this question with "why or why not?" and you'll get even more insight.

5. What do you think is missing from your company's core values?

Whenever you examine your employee experience, it's important to investigate factors that might be holding your people back in addition to those those helping your people succeed. By giving your employees the opportunity to speak to what's missing from your culture, you'll learn what your team needs to focus on in the future. By keeping this question open-ended, you'll also be able to see what words and phrases employees use when speaking openly about your culture.

How to use these questions to define your values

If you don't have defined core values, it's hard for employees to understand what they mean and resonate with them. It also makes it hard for new employees when they’re onboarding to fit in with the corporate culture or understand why things get done a certain way.

Ask the questions above in your next employee engagement survey and use the survey results to:

  • Re-examine core values
  • Make necessary changes within the organizational culture to improve connection and alignment to values and mission
  • Better define your company's core values
  • Engage your employees
  • Better workplace culture
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Are you a manager or team leader that needs help starting discussions on core values with your team? This free huddle guide is perfect for you.

Downloadable Huddle Guide

Download our Huddle Guide PDF by filling out the form below. You'll get a printable huddle guide resource to assist in discussions around the organization’s mission, vision, and values with your teams.

huddle guide

If you want to make sure that your company is on the right track, it's important to know how your employees feel about your core values. When you re-define them, it's important to use a tool like Cooleaf to get feedback from your team so that they have a voice in what those values should look like moving forward.

If you're ready to take action on employee engagement and employee recognition with data-driven insights, book a Cooleaf Demo today!

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5 Employee Survey Questions to Help Define Your Company Values

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