6 Pride Month Activities for Work

6 Pride Month Activities for Work

Celebrating Pride month with your team is an opportunity to work together to create a positive impact and support the LGBTQIA community.


For the month of June, countries like the U.S., Canada, and more, annually celebrate Pride to support the LGBTQIA community.

Organizations and teams observe Pride by hosting activities, decorating the office (or Zoom background for those remote employees) with the Pride rainbow flag and paraphernalia. And supporting charities, visiting LGBTQIA historic sites, attending local Pride events, and more.

Pride is an opportunity to host initiatives that will encourage your team to learn and reflect on gay rights today, helping your organization develop a healthier, stronger company culture and policy to combat workplace discrimination. Fostering equity and inclusion with your team not only helps your employee experience but is better for creativity and productivity too.

If you need fun and creative Pride activities for work, look no further. Read on below for Pride activities you can do with your team.

A Note Before Organizing Pride Celebrations

When you celebrate Pride month, remember that there is a fine line between being performative versus actively supporting the LGBTQIA community.

In the past, some companies celebrated Pride at face-value, using the rainbow flag— the symbol of the Gay Liberation movement— only as decoration for store fronts or social media. Companies did not address any policies or practices as an organization or with their teams.

Pride Month doesn’t mean one-time-a-year allyship to sell your organization to prospective employees or potential customers. It is a month to celebrate gay pride, uplift the gay community, and to learn more sexual orientation inequities today.

Pride is a celebration, but as a team, it’s important to make a conscious effort to make a positive impact. Check out the list below for Pride activities for work.

Ideas on how to celebrate Pride month with your team.

Host Trivia on the History of Pride

Why is the Pride flag represented by a rainbow? When was the Stonewall Uprising?

Bring your workplace community together and dive into Pride history. You can share resources, videos, articles, while creating a safe space to learn together.

Organizations like American Auto Shield used the Cooleaf platform to encourage their employees to learn the history of Pride and highlighted works from LGBTQIA filmmakers, artists, authors, and musicians.

Want more activity ideas for celebrating Pride with your team? Let us know!

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End the month with Pride Month trivia. Take the resources you shared to format questions and host a trivia game either on Zoom or in-person with teams. You can also purchase prizes from LGBTQIA-owned businesses or with systems like Cooleaf, you can award points.

Activities like trivia games is a great way to engage your team for Pride.

Why this matters: As the saying goes, “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it,” and many adults never learned about the LGBTQIA movement in school. Learning together is not only great team-building, but encourages critical thinking and communication skills to create a more equitable workplace. It’s also perfect for virtual and in-person employee engagement.

Volunteer for Local Nonprofits in Your Area

National nonprofits like Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, or the Trevor Project host local events and opportunities for volunteers, especially during Pride Month.

You can research needs in your area or reach out to your LGBTQIA employee resource group (ERG) to partner with an organization for the year. You can make June stand out and host a fundraiser with items from queer-owned businesses or make a volunteer day for the team.

For organizations liked Shipt who have some remote teams as well as an in-person hub, they connected their team and celebrated Pride by hosting a day-off for volunteering. They suggested nonprofits local to their employees’ main cities, and asked teammates to post photos in Cooleaf, wearing their Shipt t-shirts. It was a great way to bring people together while also doing good.

Teams can volunteer for a local nonprofit to celebrate Pride month.

Why this matters: Volunteer work boosts employee morale and helps team members learn more about LGBTQIA inequalities that affect families, health needs, youth, and more. Plus, looking into local non-profits will help your organization make a positive impact as you provide help to the queer community together.

Attend Virtual events or In-Person Pride Events

You’ll see cities and businesses host Pride events to celebrate throughout the month of June. Everything from Zoom or in-person talks, marathons or 5ks, film screenings, drag shows or brunches, and city-sponsored Pride parades and marches can be found.

Your team can attend virtually or in-person to lend support, learn, or promote the business or experience.

Jus be sure you’re making meaningful action and not just attending. As an idea, add a fundraising component by creating Pride swag for employees to purchase, and proceeds can go to a non-profit supporting LGBTQIA needs.

Local or virtual events and Pride parades are some activities you can join for Pride with your team, but make sure you’re not merely performing and being an active ally.

Why this matters: Pride is a celebration, and joining in local events introduces your team to new experiences, businesses, speakers, education, art, and more! Celebrating Pride with your team is a way to promote awareness within the company and help spread more understanding of the issues the LGBTQIA community faces.

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Support LGBTQIA-Owned Businesses

Encourage your people to support allies and queer-owned businesses with positive reviews and conscious purchases.

Google maps makes it easy by including a rainbow flag to denote queer-owned, local businesses you can support. And don’t forget to ask employees for suggestions! The Cooleaf team itself, hosts a year-long challenge to encourage employees to offer word-of-mouth recommendations for favorite local, minority-owned spots in their cities.

Have your organization take part too and support those businesses and restaurants for those recurring team lunches or large meetings in the office. For remote teams, surprise them with treat boxes loaded with goods from LGBTQIA-owned brands, like Equator Coffees or sweets from Wunderkeks.

Some organizations also make a company-wide initiative in terms of setting a percentage goal of supply-chain or contract partners they work with that are minority or LGBTQIA owned. The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and My Rainbow Pages are great resources for research and certification information.

Your team can shop and discover new LGBTQIA-owned businesses this month to support the queer community.

Why is this important: Conscious consumerism empowers marginalized groups and will empower the queer community in commerce and businesses in your city. Encouraging employees to support these brands shows individuals how they can take it on too, and it helps them find some wonderful businesses to support.

Host a Book Club

Taking a page from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who said, “There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all,” host a book club centering on the works from queer writers. You can either suggest a list or have employees vote, and then host a book club for lunch or happy hour.

Book clubs are a great way to get the conversation started and help open a reader’s eyes to a different life.

You can also partner with a local bookstore to purchase the books for your team. Or see if your local bookstore hosts a Drag Queen Story hour too and make an event to bring the family.

If you’re wondering what to do for Pride month at work, consider hosting a book club highlighting queer writers.

Why is this important: You might not notice but there tends to be an unconscious bias with your media consumption, and often the best seller reads aren’t from marginalized voices. Encouraging people to consciously support a a queer author supports the writer and helps the reader broaden their perspective.

Evaluate Your Discrimination and Diversity Policy

The best way to celebrate Pride is to actively take meaningful actions to ensure that your office (whether it’s a physical space or a Slack channel) is a safe space for every person on your team.

Eliminating workplace discrimination starts at the policy level, so have your executive team review your discrimination and diversity policy. Work with your ERGs to set goals, like scheduling training and talks, and look at your hiring process too. You can also use anonymous sentiment surveys to gather honest feedback from your employees.

Your team can have fun Pride month, but make sure you’re also staying true to your core values and working together to make positive, meaningful impact.

One of the most important Pride month activities for work is evaluating your policies and procedures in your company.

Why is this important: When you’re unable to bring your whole self to work, are you able to work your best? According to Linkedin nearly a quarter of surveyed professionals are not open about their identity at work with 26% of workers worried that it would cause coworkers to treat them differently. Your organization has the power to create a space where your people can feel their best and bring their best.

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Want more ideas on how to host Pride celebrations and DEI initiatives with your team? Let us know! We'd love to help you with your goals.

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