10 Employee Wellness Programs from Winning Companies

10 Employee Wellness Programs from Winning Companies

Today’s workplaces support teams with comprehensive employee wellness programs that help them manage fitness, mental health, and financial planning. Here are 10 employee wellness programs from top companies you can use as a guide.

10 Employee Wellness Programs  from Winning Companies

Employee wellness programs are growing more robust to support mental and physical wellbeing.

Gone are the days of only standard health insurance plans. Instead, top workplaces are looking for ways and additional perks to support their people. Additional resources like on-site fitness centers, childcare, or counseling and app membership or stipends help employees manage their mental, physical, and financial health.

According to Select Software Reviews, companies see an average of $1.47 ROI for every dollar spent on their corporate wellness programs. Not to mention that happy, healthy employees mean decreased absenteeism, more creativity at work, and stronger company loyalty.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your employee wellbeing initiatives, read on to see examples from these top 10 companies’ wellness plans.

Benefits of employee wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs aren’t just a perk for people in your organization. It’s an investment in the individual employee health and well-being of your people.

That type of recognition is felt at a more personal level. It not only helps people stay aware of health risks and keep physical health top of mind, but it builds a more engaged work environment.

According to Gallup, strong employee engagement increases productivity by about 14% and increases customer satisfaction by about 10%.

Employee well-being initiatives have additional benefits from breaking into the monotony of your every day, increased retention, and more.

Wellness initiatives don’t just have to focus on physical health and gym memberships. Many organizations provide resources for mental health and financial wellness too.

Read on to see how these 10 organizations support their employees with a strong wellness program.

Top companies with amazing workplace wellness programs

1. Salesforce

Cloud-based software service Salesforce is known for its dedication to company culture and DEI, but Salesforce is also committed to employee wellness. The company hosts on-site gyms and fitness classes, along with mindfulness and meditation rooms. They offer healthy eating options for those in the office. During the day employees are encouraged to take breaks and recharge too. Showcasing these opportunities shows employees that the organization prioritizes their people and wants them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Nike

Nike surveyed their employees to see how they can effectively increase employee engagement for everyone across their workers, and that starts by supporting healthy employees.

They understand that strong employee morale starts when employees are physically and mentally fit. Nike honors company-wide wellbeing days to encourage employees to take time away from their work and to recharge. Additional health benefits include on-site fitness centers, financial planning assistance for retirement, professional development and training, and memberships and discounts for different “fitness opportunities.” By supporting individual growth and helping employees manage stress, they’re ensuring that their people are bringing their best selves to work.

3. The Iowa Clinic

Along with standard health insurance and benefits, The Iowa Clinic offers healthcare and wellbeing incentives and gift cards. They use Cooleaf to offer team members recurring wellness activities and opportunities to earn awards.

They host online challenges to encourage employees to schedule health screenings, adopt healthy habits, and even participate in seasonal step challenges.

Participants in challenges can use step trackers like their Fitbit to hit daily goals and earn rewards.

4. Intuit

Intuit supports their employees’ overall well-being and emotional health. They focus on offering stress management with initiatives including self-paced yoga classes, meditation, and 1:1 counseling sessions. They also help individuals offset healthcare costs with reimbursements for expenses surrounding financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


Globally renowned design software brand Adobe puts employee wellbeing first with initiatives like on-site fitness centers, healthy lunch options, and flexible work schedules. They also host Global Wellbeing Days off to encourage work-life balance for their entire organization.

Adobe leaders are also trained to support their employees with stress management, and employees have access to wellness professionals and events to support their individual health journeys.

Lastly, Adobe offers fertility support for employees and employee spouses.

6. Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Georgia’s Own Credit Union is one of the Top Places to Work in the country. They prioritize their employees and use Cooleaf to host team-building activities and wellness challenges. They host everything from step, hydration, and goal-setting challenges to promote healthier lifestyles.

To kick off the year, employees were encouraged to schedule health screenings and set up goals for adopting healthy behaviors. Sharing goals offers employees a sense of accountability, so they’re more likely to stick to their intentions.

7. Airbnb

In an employee survey, 99% of Airbnb employees said they’d recommend their company to others. It’s a strong testament to their culture and shows a high rate of job satisfaction. Airbnb understands that employee morale trickles down to their customer, so they invest in their people, especially with wellness initiatives and unlimited vacation days.

Airbnb also supports their employees' desire for remote work as an option, which means individuals can maintain their own work-life balance.

8. Stability Healthcare

Stability Healthcare supports traveling clinicians. With healthcare workers experiencing high rates of burnout since the pandemic, they understand the importance of supporting their dispersed team’s mental and physical wellness.

They use employee engagement challenges where they can participate in activities like sharing their favorite healthy food and dishes and earn incentives by tracking their physical activity.

Stability Healthcare supports its healthcare workers with employee engagement challenges and incentives

9. Microsoft

Microsoft encourages their employees to set boundaries, set aside focus time, and take proactive steps to manage their work-life balance. Offering resources and opportunities, like flexible work options, encourages employees to manage their stress and overall health. Microsoft understands that investing in employee wellbeing results in better employee productivity and profit, as well as a winning team culture.

10. Patagonia

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia offers a comprehensive health plan for employees and time-off, but they also encourage employees to spend time outdoors. They also host on-site and off-site yoga, and offer an organic cafe at their office. More notably, Patagonia helps employees with financial stress by providing a 100% college tuition reimbursement and on-site childcare.

Take your employee wellbeing to the next level with Cooleaf

As many of the top organizations understand, investing in employee wellbeing saves your organization in the long term. Healthier and happier employees mean higher retention and morale, which trickles down to your customer experience and product growth.

If you’re ready to take your employee wellbeing initiatives to the next level, let Cooleaf know! We’re happy to help you launch fun wellness challenges and events to support your team’s mental and physical health.


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