On-Demand Webinar: Future-Proofing HR

On-Demand Webinar: Future-Proofing HR

On December 12, HR moguls Sylvia Taylor and Kevin Henry joined Cooleaf in a riveting discussion on the pivotal role of HR in driving business priorities and organizational success. Watch the recorded webinar!

On-Demand Webinar: Future-Proofing HR

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of a strong employee experience cannot be overstated. It's increasingly clear that fostering a people-first culture is not just an HR objective but a critical business strategy. This was the central theme of Cooleaf's latest webinar, "Future-Proofing HR: Driving a Positive Impact on Employees and Business," where industry veterans Sylvia Taylor and Kevin Henry, alongside Cooleaf’s Co-Founder John Duisberg, delved into the nuances of creating and sustaining a people-centric workplace.

Watch the recorded webinar!

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More About Our Guests

Sylvia Taylor, the Chief Human Resources Officer at SafeGuard Products International, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a storied career spanning roles at General Motors, PepsiCo, ExxonMobil, the Weather Channel, and Autotrader, Sylvia's insights are grounded in a diverse and successful journey through the HR landscape.

Kevin Henry, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at PulteGroup, complements the discussion with over three decades of experience in talent management and team development. His tenure at BlueLinx Corporation as Chief People Officer, among other roles, has equipped him with a deep understanding of what drives employee engagement and organizational success.

Webinar Insights

The combined expertise of Sylvia and Kevin provided a treasure trove of wisdom and insights into the art of valuing people within organizations. Their discussion underscored the undeniable link between employee satisfaction and business outcomes. This connection was further illuminated by the lively and highly engaged audience participation throughout the webinar.

One engaging moment came when we asked the audience, “What’s your #1 lesson learned regarding employee engagement and company culture in 2023? The responses were reflective of the evolving landscape of workplace culture.

One participant responded,

“You can’t wait until you have an issue to address culture. You have to be ahead of it and constantly be working on and checking in on the culture of your organization.”

Another added,

“The importance of speaking the culture as well as acting it as a way to fortify the expectation that this is our organization. It’s important to reiterate consistently.”

This highlights the need for consistency in both words and actions to reinforce the desired culture.

A third response brought to light a crucial aspect of employee engagement:

“The #1 lesson I’ve learned about employee engagement is if you don’t engage, you lose the opportunity to find out what employees truly need and want from their employer.”

These audience perspectives complemented the expert views shared by Sylvia and Kevin, painting a comprehensive picture of the current state and future directions of HR. The webinar not only provided professional wisdom, but also echoed the collective experiences and lessons learned by the engaged HR community!

Key Takeaways

The webinar explored the link between ROI and employee experience, plus:

During the Q&A session, a particularly relevant question was raised about the challenges faced by organizations with a global presence. The question focused on how HR strategies can be effectively tailored to address regional nuances and cultural differences, while still maintaining a cohesive and unified organizational culture. Sylvia Taylor, with her extensive experience in both US and international environments, provided a profound response that encapsulated the essence of this challenge.

Sylvia stated,

"So I've been fortunate enough to work in both US and international environments. And what I found is that you have to respect the culture. You have to understand the culture that you're in, and you have to respect it and the local culture. And you also have to have a good sense of the core culture for the entire enterprise, core culture of the company. And that's going to come from the top. It starts with the CEO and the senior leadership team."

Another highlight of the webinar was Kevin Henry's insightful take on the intersection of ROI and change management within HR. Kevin, with his extensive experience, shared a unique perspective on how HR's impact can be quantified and communicated effectively within an organization.

Kevin explained,

"When the CFO's organization speaks truth, people see it as truth. That's my aspiration for us in the people and culture space. To achieve this, we need a strong command of the facts, understanding the correlation between our actions and their outcomes, and why it matters to the organization. We've developed a formula: C times C times C equals P, which stands for Capacity times Capability times Culture equals Performance."

He continued,

"One of my first initiatives was to enhance our data analytics capabilities, leveraging platforms like Workday. We've started conducting quarterly reviews focused on these three C's. Capacity involves metrics like time to fill positions and vacancy rates. Capability looks at aspects like average performance review scores, including those of employees who leave the organization. This approach allows us to create a balanced and comprehensive view of our HR impact."

Kevin's approach to HR metrics and storytelling offers a fresh perspective on how HR professionals can demonstrate their value and drive meaningful change within their organizations.

Watch The Full Recording Here!

For those who missed the live session or wish to revisit the discussion, we encourage you to watch the full recording here! This webinar is a must-watch for C-Suite Executives, HR professionals, and anyone interested in the future of work and the role of HR in driving business success.

Stay tuned for more events and discussions from Cooleaf, as we continue to explore the latest trends and strategies in employee engagement and organizational development.

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