On-Demand Webinar: Reinventing Workplace Wellbeing

On-Demand Webinar: Reinventing Workplace Wellbeing

The Great Resignation is an opportunity to grow your employee engagement and discover new ways to offer psychological support to your employees that will positively impact their overall happiness at work.

On-Demand Webinar: Reinventing Workplace Wellbeing

With many employees leaving their roles during The Great Resignation, it’s time for workplace leaders discover new ways to put their people first.

We’re seeing the most job vacancies in over two decades, meaning workplaces are struggling to attract talent and retain good people. So how do we think outside the box to provide the right needs?

In this on-demand webinar with Cooleaf Co-Founder Prem Bhatia and ITA Group Insights and Strategy Leader Christina Zurek, we dive into how managers can better support their employees’ psychological needs, impacting their wellbeing and overall employee happiness.

How can you support your employees experiencing burnout during the Great Resignation?

Check out the full webinar here, where you will:

  • See how functional, emotional, and identity benefits relate to employee engagement.
  • Learn actionable takeaways on how to improve these three types of needs in your own organization.
  • Understand what impacts an employee’s self-esteem and sense of purpose

Watch ⟶ Reinventing Workplace Wellbeing: How to Support Employees in a Changing Environment

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