Take Health and Wellness Programming to the Next Level With Cooleaf and Les Mills

Take Health and Wellness Programming to the Next Level With Cooleaf and Les Mills

Employee wellbeing is a priority for many teams since the Pandemic but that includes mental and physical health and is a great way to engage your teams.

Take Health and Wellness Programming to the Next Level With Cooleaf and Les Mills

As a result of the 2020 Pandemic, organizations have been approaching an employee’s mind, body, and wellbeing in all new ways to keep their teams happy, healthy, and engaged.

With many organizations working remote and employee burnout high, supporting an employees' wellness and mental health has increasingly become a priority for many organizations.

The work environment is changing, and as more companies invest into their people and company culture with well-being programs, organizations will be sure to see higher employee retention.

Read on to learn more about Cooleaf's new wellness program and how to offer a holistic wellness program to support employee health.

Why a Workplace Wellness Program Is Important

Health and wellness programming has a myriad of benefits from increasing employee productivity, improving morale, reducing overall stress, and even reducing healthcare costs.

Employee wellness programs are nothing new to employee engagement, but with many teams now hybrid or remote, your organization's wellness program is an opportunity to connect and engage employees no matter where they might be.

We've seen it first hand at Cooleaf too. With every organization we work with, employee participation and engagement ranks higher for health and wellness activities like meditation weeks, water drinking challenges, or step challenges.

Ideas for a corporate wellness program for your team?

Organizations are stepping up. Since 2020, Google has been embracing "reset" days and introduced a resilience series to help employees facing today's ever-changing climate. Many companies are additionally offering wellness incentives like memberships to mental wellness apps like Headspace or cycling classes through Peloton.

Encouraging wellness screenings and healthy behaviors provides an additional employee need while benefiting the team overall.

Cooleaf's Health & Wellness Engagement Strategy

We're excited to now offer a dedicated health and wellness employee engagement strategy layer to bring workouts, challenges, and more to your team every month.

Develop a health and wellness initiative that your employees want to join by working with a Cooleaf Engagement Expert for initial strategy, employee surveying, and program set up.

Learn more about the Health & Wellness Engagement Strategy

Cooleaf partners with world class fitness instruction at Les Mills to offer unique workouts, dependent on your employees' interests—from breath work, to yoga, to strength training and more. Cooleaf incentives and rewards from gift cards to experience encourage engagement while offering goals for employees to work towards.

Promote healthier lifestyles for your employees with a health & wellness program to engage your team.

Additional Health & Wellness Bundle includes:

  • Content calendar, including monthly educational posts and health promotion
  • 2 Health & Wellness specific Challenges / month
  • Access to a wide array of Les Mills classes
  • 1-2 Les Mills workouts / wk
  • Consultation with Cooleaf's Wellness Experts

Cooleaf engagement experts will work with you to provide a holistic employee experience that will motivate and recharge everyone.

How to launch a health & wellness program

Internally (aka do-it-yourself)

  • Create and launch an Employee Needs & Interest Survey and collect direct employee feedback
  • Analyze employee responses and survey results with Human Resources and Benefits Manager
  • Determine budget and break down long and short-term needs and goals
  • Research platforms, classes, gyms, instructors, and additional external resources to provide communication, education, and workouts for your organization
  • Coordinate with instructors or classes to develop program calendar and launch program
  • Educate and communicate health & wellness and preventative care information
  • Create incentives to encourage participation (and keep things fun) and get key employees and managers involved and championing new program
  • Revisit step one to build upon new goals

Externally (aka with Cooleaf)

  • Work with a Cooleaf engagement expert who will consult on your organization's goals, launch survey to your team, and provide programming. Best of all, employees can take part all on one app.

If you're looking for other ways to listen and measure engagement on your team, let us know! We'd love to chat with you.


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