Revitalize Your Sales Process with Recognition and Incentives

Revitalize Your Sales Process with Recognition and Incentives

Focus on motivation over productivity, and inspire your team to reach new heights.

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Is a high-producing sales team your dream? Motivation is the key to realizing that dream. From Salesforce to Delta Airlines, companies that motivate employees to achieve reap the rewards many times over. So, how can you follow in their highly impressive footsteps? 

Before you can strengthen your team, it’s important to note the distinction between motivation and productivity. Many employers focus solely on maximizing productivity by blocking social media websites, discouraging flexible work hours, and confining employees to their desks. However, a focus on productivity alone can lead to employee burnout — causing loss of work, turnover, and a plethora of other issues.

Instead, focus on motivation, the intrinsic desire to do more, reach goals, and perform better. Motivation breeds excitement to work, inspiration to try new approaches, and, best of all, a positive workplace culture. Positive workplace culture is a plus for your bottom line, your team, and your customers. For long-term success in your sales process, it’s a must. 

Recognition as the core driver of employee motivation

In order to motivate your employees (and attract and retain talent), there’s one value you’ll need to incorporate into the cornerstone of your business: recognition. As Dr. Ashley Whillans from the Harvard Business School said, “What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.” But it may be even more important to hear from employees themselves. Did you know that when asked what leaders could do to improve engagement, over half of the surveyed respondents replied: “give recognition”? 

Recognition is much more than high fives and happy hours. To recognize your team, you need a strategic system set in place. Cooleaf makes building that system simple — in fact, we do it for you. Our recognition and rewards platform incentivizes teams and praises your employees for their hard work. 

There are three keys to our process that can help you revitalize your sales process: incentivize leading indicators, generate pipeline momentum, and maximize team engagement. Here’s how they work:

#1: Incentivize Leading Indicators

Every business has a unique set of sales obstacles and performance goals. We help you define “front of the funnel” activity across your company to help you offer incentives that will effectively drive the best outcomes for your specific needs.

#2: Generate Pipeline Momentum

Our platform integrates with tools like Salesforce and SalesLoft to automate recognition and incentives, so you don’t have to cut time out of your busy schedule. With Cooleaf, you can enable both team and individual recognition and spot bonuses for achieving milestone metrics. 

#3: Maximize Team Engagement

Our team has extensive insights into motivating teams. Using these insights, we created a system that allows you to schedule monthly campaigns and challenges to increase team performance. By using our platform, you can generate more significant momentum towards goals and share ‘wins’ across the team. 

By utilizing these three keys, you can unlock major challenges facing your business — no matter which industry you’re in. As you consider a strategy to increase sales enablement and engagement, here are several areas to focus your efforts:

Hire the Right People

Motivating your team is much more effective when you have hard-working, forward-thinking employees. That’s why hiring the right talent is essential to achieving the results you want. Our team is here to help you attract (and retain) talent. Use Cooleaf to promote your core values, set up an automatic employee referral program, and offer competitive perks like wellness incentives.

Strengthen Team Members

It’s obvious: when your employees are encouraged to learn and grow, they’ll achieve more for your business. Cooleaf helps you communicate, track, and maximize investments into learning and talent initiatives, like employee benefits for project management certificates. Only 40 percent of millennials feel that they have enough opportunities to grow in their jobs today. With Cooleaf, your team can be the exception.

Embrace Top Technology

Part of strengthening your team is ensuring they’re using the latest technology. According to Inside Sales Box, many managers are either confused by or uninspired to learn about the technology choices available to their team. With Cooleaf’s user-friendly platform, you can simplify technological transitions and encourage adoption. How? Cooleaf allows you to identify key activity and recognize reps for growing account adoption and utilization.

Hold on to Your Employees

You invest a lot in your team. You spend hours recruiting team members, conducting interviews, and on-boarding employees. So when you establish a great team, keeping those employees is a top priority. With perks like development opportunities, health and wellness incentives, and employee engagement, Cooleaf can help you ensure your business a great place to work.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Cooleaf allows you to merge two essential groups: your sales managers and your customer service representatives. Your customer service reps know invaluable insights into your customers. By ensuring your sales team also knows this information, you can enhance the customer experience, sales process, increase upsells and cross-sells, create referrals, and empower your employees. 

Interested in learning more about how to boost team performance and motivation? Cooleaf can help — let's chat!

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