The 8 Best LMS Platforms for Employee Training and Development

The 8 Best LMS Platforms for Employee Training and Development

When creating your employee learning and development plan, consider what tools would best suit your team.

The 8 Best LMS Platforms for Employee Training and Development

With technology quickly advancing, skillsets are following suit, and on-demand and on-the-job learning is a key driver for businesses to adapt while supporting their own talent.

In fact, 76 percent of employees looking for career growth opportunities. This statistic workplaces in the position to invest in their own employees and support their career and learning paths.

Validating your individual employees' needs by creating opportunities for new learning experiences with webinars or access to a learning management system (LMS) can make a large difference.

Why Learning & Development is important for your team

Employee training and development as a whole shows you're willing to invest in your employees. Providing additional training or supporting their desire to learn a new skillset gives employees a stronger voice in your organization.

It fosters a culture of learning and creates a people-first workspace, where your employees and their wellbeing and support are part of the success. Managers should encourage and reward employees taking the initiative to embrace learning and development opportunities. At Cooleaf, our app integrates with LMS systems to provide a way to incentivize additional or refresher training and rewards from popular brands.

More importantly, learning and development opportunities help with employee retention: 93 percent of employees saying they'd stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

And investing in your current employee base increases your margin by 24 percent, exceeding your own business needs.

It additional, learning and development plans support diversity and inclusion on your team. According to SHRM, rather than external recruiting, reskilling helps teams encourage and promote women and people of color in the workplace.

Read on to find the best learning platform for your team's needs.

Find the best LMS for employee training and development

Best LMS software for learning & development in your organization


Udemy is a great, affordable cost training solution for upskilling in your team. With a large catalog of online courses, employees will be sure to find a wide variety of options and instructors to select from. You can also partner with their Customer Success team to create long-term plans for your teams. Udemy offers rebates and tiered pricing, making it easier for organizations to utilize.

SAP Litmos

From your customer-focused training or management courses, SAP Litmos offers online learning and training for every segment of your business. The SAP Litmos platform also provides an authoring tool to make it easier for novice or seasoned instructors to build training programs or elearning for your organization. Employees can use SAP Litmos on any device and adds a level of gamification with badges and points.


Lessonly helps you from onboarding to continuing employee progress with online training and coaching for customer service, talent, and sales teams. Lessonly is a user-friendly platform where you can drag and drop different types of content, quizzes, SCORM and more.

Linkedin Learning with Lynda

Linkedin Learning provides data-driven course recommendations and seamless desktop or mobile learning. Their LMS platform provides on-demand or on-the-job training content that's easy to implement and scale. Linkedin Learning also has the bonus of utilizing skill data from business profiles so they're providing up-to-date courses by tracking trends.

Campus Learning Suite

Campus Learning Suite has robust LMS functionality, that helps both teachers and learners. Instructors can easily create lesson plans, assignments, and conduct quick assessments to check student progress and with visual analysis and scoring. Work with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager as you set up your training courses or customize your development program.

When creating your employee learning and development plan, consider what tools would best suit your team.


Schoox helps teams of all sizes provide traditional, compliance-based training with a dedicated approach. It's a super user-friendly content management system that's also available on mobile devices. It also emphasizes social learning and giving your employees the ability to connect and collaborate too. Bonus points as well for easy integration into your existing HRIS.


Docebo is an easily integrated corporate LMS with a learning suite for friendly content creation and course authoring. It provides additional access to your industry's e-learning content.  Along with a mobile app, it adds a level of gamification and socialization for your team. Create modules from onboarding to customer training and more.


Learnerbly empowers employees with their learning and development. You'll provide employees with a personal learning budget and they'll have power to choose their path. Learnerbly curates resources for employees based on their interests, and manager dashboards monitor requests and budget. It's a really cool model that gives the power and autonomy to the employee.

Incentivize and celebrate learning and training

No matter which provider you choose, supporting and celebrating additional training is a positive way to put your people first. Adding a level of incentives or rewards to encourage employees fosters a supportive culture, and the right LMS and integrations, like Cooleaf, can help you drive engagement, retention, and productivity too.

If you're looking for other ways to incentivize your learning and development strategy, from onboarding to additional training, let us know! We'd love to chat with you.


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