6 Fun Ideas to Build Remote Team Engagement on National Fun at Work Day

6 Fun Ideas to Build Remote Team Engagement on National Fun at Work Day

Virtual games and more to keep remote teams engaged and celebrating for National Fun at Work Day! (plus a few bonus ideas)


Online team building activities are a great way to keep your remote employees connected beyond the virtual office.

Home work environments encourage a healthy work-life balance and more flexibility, but often times, remote workers might miss the camaraderie that came with being in office.

So why not consider hosting online office games for your team? January 28 is National Fun at Work Day, and a great time to start.

Sure, technically everyday should be fun at work, but national holidays like National Pi Day on March 14th or National Pet Month in May are great reasons to come up with fun initiatives for your team.

Plus encouraging play and non-work oriented activities like online games or events is a great way to build employee engagement and get your remote team members involved at a deeper level.

Team building exercises might feel cheesy to start but they do make a difference and change up the work day and encourage team bonding.

Read on for a few fun activity ideas to engage your remote team members for National Fun at Work Day at beyond.

Why is team bonding important?

Having fun at work encourages your people to create deeper connections and build trust.

And while remote work has its benefits, it can feel isolating when your main mode of communication is a Slack channel and you're solo in a home office all day.

Making a conscious effort to host team building events or even icebreaker questions at the start of conference calls, is a way to support your people and get to know your team.

With many employees struggling with changes at a personal and professional level due to the Pandemic, employee engagement initiatives at work also supports employee mental health.

Benefits of Team Building Games

Playing games might not seem all that important on the surface, but gameplay encourages skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.

Organizing opportunities for your team to bond beyond work helps everyone develop friendships, which deepens employee engagement and creates a more fulfilling employee experience.

In fact, work best friends helps increase productivity, learning, and retention— which is especially important in this era of The Great Resignation where more than 56% of workers are either leaving their roles or actively looking.

And with many teams resorting to remote work, hosting virtual team building activities and setting regular time aside to play is a great way to keep your team connected.

Read on for a few remote team games and challenges to get everyone involved and having fun. And remember to keep January 28th marked on you calendar for National Fun at Work Day every year.

Keep your employees engaged with video chats and fun activity ideas for remote team building

Bring a Pet to Your Video Call

This is almost a no brainer because who doesn't love pet videos or gifs in the occasional Slack water-cooler talk?

Pet Challenges— costume challenges, pageants, and more— get some of the highest participation on the Cooleaf platform, so why not meet your team's pets?

Have pet owners introduce their pets as a fun icebreaker. For non-pet parents, have them introduce something they feel passionate about and take care of. We've seen plant moms, dog sitters, a robot vaccuum with googly eyes— the creativity is where the fun is.

It's a fun idea to change up those weekly team meetings, and a great way to get to know your team members at a deeper level.

Sign up for a Virtual Escape Room

Test how your team works under pressure and who's a master of riddles with a virtual escape room.

Like their in-person counterparts, virtual escape rooms are immersive experiences where players follow a storyline and have to solve clues either from a host or the room itself.

A virtual rendition of this team favorite means organizers can often tailor it to suit your team members' preferences too!

Take a Coffee Break

Give your people time to get to know one another and set an event for fun 1:1s over Zoom. Teammates can use apps like Donut to match with someone new. Sometimes it's hard to get to know one another on larger, virtual happy hour calls, so encouraging some 1:1 time is a great way for remote workers to build connection with one another.

Video conferencing as a team can get overwhelming, encourage your remote employees to meet-up one-on-one as a fun way to connect.

Try giving your people time during the work week to take a regular coffee break. Set a morning hour or afternoon where no meetings are set.

You can also send along Starbucks gift cards as away to make the event feel special, while adding a bit of incentive to meet up.

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Online Trivia

Test your brain power or show off your random knowledge with an online trivia game. You can have small groups play against one another or every-person-for-themselves.

You can find online versions to get everyone pumped and encourage a little friendly competition.

Make it into a larger virtual event and send along gift cards for Ubereats or Doordash so people can grab their favorite happy hour snacks too!

You can even level it up and losing team has to take on a task— sing a song on karaoke or brainstorm the next fun game.

It's a way to change up a virtual happy hour and play off of pub trivia while remote.

Host a Flash Challenge

Online activities or challenges like on the Cooleaf platform are a fun way to change up the work day and encourage play. But to celebrate National Fun at Work Day why not host a flash challenge?

A flash challenge includes a small incentive for your remote team to participate and includes a time limit — whether that's the morning or the whole day.

 Online games and challenges are a great way to engage your remote team and get creative.

The Cooleaf team's Flash Challenge for National Fun at Work Day will give everyone a day to share their favorite fun work moments and ideas for the year. We have one day to earn points and share what activities or ideas we have to build company culture.

Bonus Ideas

Keeping the fun going can easily be incorporated into your regular planning. A few additional ideas to engage your remote teams on an ongoing basis:

  • Virtual Game Night - host a regular game night with different apps or online games
  • Book Clubs - there probably are plenty of readers on your team who would be happy to hop into a discussion on the latest best sellers
  • Ice breaker games - find different short games to host before your virtual meeting
  • Scavenger hunt - host a theme every month like favorite item from vacation or something you made and have everyone share a photo or tell a story

You can also select a team member at random to act as facilitator for more ideas. It's another way to get more people involved and immediate excitement.

If you're looking for other employee engagement ideas, from team-building activities to incentives, let us know! We'd love to hear from you.


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