Cooleaf Awarded G2's Best Relationship and High Performer

Cooleaf Awarded G2's Best Relationship and High Performer

We're honored to be awarded G2's awards for Best Relationship and High Performer in the employee engagement software category for the second consecutive year!

Cooleaf Awarded G2's Best Relationship and High Performer

We need to pause for a moment and pop our own champagne for some news! We're surprised and thrilled to receive G2's Summer Awards for Best Relationship, Momentum Leader, and High Performer, among other category awards! Go team.

At Cooleaf, we pride ourselves in our approach to being a real partner with our customers and creating an experience that truly supports human resource teams and workplace leaders with their goals.

The G2 awards tell us that our mission and work really resonates with our current customers— so thank you!

We picked the word "partner" intentionally.
We work with you to dive into your organization's needs, and we look for opportunities to engage, incentivize, and motivate your people through our tool.

Cooleaf wants to help leaders recognize and motivate their people. More importantly we want to provide a way to make the workplace, a place employees love.

Read on to see what you can expect and how Cooleaf's employee engagement experts partner with you towards your goals. They're the best, of course!

How Cooleaf Defines Partnership

There are so many employee recognition or engagement platforms out there today, along with a plethora of reasons to choose one over the other.

Cooleaf specifically helps teams issue manager and peer recognitions, join in on fun team-building challenges or events, and celebrate those birthdays or work anniversaries.

We set ourselves apart not only with platform features like pulse survey, manager dashboards, and integrations, but with our approach to our customer experience. Enter our Employee Engagement Experts, who partner with you.

We picked the word "partner" intentionally.

We work with you to dive into your organization's needs, and we look for opportunities to engage, incentivize, and motivate your people through our tool.

We pride ourselves on how we prescribe new, innovative ways to utilize our desktop and mobile app to host an array of employee engagement programs.

Working with several organizations over time, we developed an onboarding process to streamline set-up for your team, to encourage app adoption, and to engage teams right-off-the-bat.

We've seen many use cases for out platform through various industries, and we're happy to help. From creating a unique performance management award to drive sales, offering specific programming towards training, or helping pull metrics to share with executive teams, we mean it when we call it a partnership.

Cooleaf experts partner with you to help you achieve your goals with your employee engagement

Cooleaf's experience helped us define a three-pronged approach when it comes to employee engagement:

  • Listening to employee feedback
  • Celebrating wins with employee recognition and incentives
  • Creating connection through programming and events

It's straightforward on paper but requires a creative, empathetic, and innovative team to work together. That's where we come in.

Onboarding Your Organization

Being an engagement solution for teams starts with our own holistic onboarding experience.

A dedicated employee expert will walk your team through our platform and our approach, while incorporating best practices to work towards your own goals with your people.

Working with several organizations over time, we developed an onboarding process to streamline set-up for your team, to encourage app adoption, and to engage teams right-off-the-bat.

However, like any tool, true engagement is developed overtime, and creating a digital employee experience is new for many hybrid or remote teams.

So our team works hard to provide resources you need from a go-to Customer Success Manager to answer questions, newsletter, admin webinars, and more to ensure launching with our platform is a success.

Onboarding with Cooleaf features step by step instructions and personalized communication from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

What to expect from onboarding with Cooleaf:

  • Partnering with a Cooleaf Employee Engagement Expert
  • Platform personalization and integrations set-up
  • Thoughtfully-designed engagement programming
  • Interactive resources and communication for using the platform
  • 30-, 60-, 90-day check-ins reviewing engagement metrics
  • Reommendations to engage your team based on your goals

The employee experience isn't just handing off our Cooleaf platform to your community. We want to empower your people leaders, along with your employees, to look at Cooleaf as an avenue for your initiatives or goals.

"At the end of the day you just can’t get around the results," said Cayce Williams-West, Director of Small Business Products at Synovus, a Cooleaf partner. "You can tell that bankers are engaging and are getting better."

Read more about how Cayce engages her team with Cooleaf here.

Do you have recurring sales goals or are you incorporating core values more into your messaging? Are you launching new diversity, inclusion, or equity programs this year? We want to hear from you and help you use Cooleaf's functionality to create the best experience for your people.

We've done it before.

Quarterly Check-ins

In order to support growth for your own employee engagement strategy and ongoing goals, Cooleaf's Engagement Experts provide quarterly check-ins and QBR decks for HR teams.

We review what engagement looks like with your current strategy, surface metrics from our employee experience platform, and provide actionable insights for your unique needs.

Routine check-ins help organizations grow their approach, and we know how important benchmarking is to see what's working and what we can alter.

The manager dashboard helps workplace leaders review their team's use of the platform, and our experience working with several organizations gives additional insight and ideas of how to utilize Cooleaf for any point of the employee life cycle.

What to expect at a quarterly check-in:

  • An Employee Engagement Expert to walk you through metrics and recommendations
  • Metrics to support and define "engaged employees" in your organization
  • Breakdown of recognitions, incentives, and participation all through the app
  • Additional management solutions and resources to get your management level involved and benefitting from our engagement too
  • Action plans for the upcoming quarter, along with standard program plan

Providing HR departments the data to back up their efforts helps organizations continue to grow their approach, which increases business overall, retention, and more.

Engagement Strategy Layers and Programming

In addition to hosting employee recognition on our platform, we develop new programming each quarter as another touch point for your people to connect.

Routine online challenges help teams engage in different ways. And in today's flexible environment with hybrid and remote work, we know having an online forum enables dispersed teams feel like they're a community.

All organizations on our platform have access to our standard offering of online challenges and events, which are all managed by our engagement experts.

Nutrition challenges on Cooleaf are just one layer to help take your health and wellness strategy to the next level!

Cooleaf can also take our employee experience management to the next level with more focused strategy planning for areas like diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) or health and wellness. Our own Health and Wellness strategy layer includes workout videos from world-class instruction Les Mills.

For those in-depth strategy layers we include employee interest or engagement surveys to continue to grow your programming. Our goal is to work with you to boost employee satisfaction.

Building Community for You and Your Team's Needs

Community in the digital workspace can be difficult to foster, but that doesn't mean that it's not possible. The Cooleaf platform and nuanced approach hopes to create an engaged social network for your organization with  content, activities, and shoutouts to keep people motivated and connected.

Easy integrations with internal communication apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams helps us fit easily into your current workflow.

Community is having a space where you belong and can come to for support, questions, and more. Our Cooleaf experts provide just that with our dedicated newsletter and our routine webinars.

We want to be a go-to resource for people teams to connect and ask questions, and create an inviting space where we can collaborate with everyone's goal to make work better. The G2 awards for Easiest to Do Business With and Best Relationship are telling us we're on the right track.

If you're looking for other employee engagement ideas, from team-building activities to incentives, let us know! We'd love to hear from you.


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