Cooleaf's Updated Look, Same Mission

Cooleaf's Updated Look, Same Mission

At Cooleaf, we help teams recognize the everyday hero in their employees, and it was time to bring that bold message out with a bold branding refresh.

Cooleaf's Updated Look, Same Mission

At Cooleaf, our mission has always been to help organizations connect and empower their teams in new ways— turn over a new leaf some might say— which is why we're excited to share our new look as we turn over a leaf of our own.

After weeks of work, connecting with our teams, and diving into our own mission and messaging, we present you our new Cooleaf logo. New look. Same mission.

Cooleaf's an employee app that helps teams focus on company culture with recognition, challenges, and more! It was time to build that message out with our branding.

We worked closely with our consultant to bring out Cooleaf's mission more clearly through our visual representations. And as a team, it's been a great exercise to connect over our purpose. We learned that we have a friendly-competitive streak when it comes to coming up with the right principles to describe our brand. We saw how each team member interpreted success. More importantly, we came together to be part of something much bigger, like Cooleaf.

Learn more about our mission as leaders of an employee engagement platform and how we hope to help teams bring connection, solutions, and love to their everyday work.

Bringing Holistic Employee Experience to Teams

Since we were founded in 2016, we prided ourselves in our mission to help employees connect and love where they work, looking at ways to deepen employee engagement.

This initially began as an engagement solution focused on health and wellness programming and activities, but quickly blossomed as we iterated on our platform to provide even more solutions unique to building that employee experience.

This began to include employee recognition, challenges, employee surveys, incentives, and new integrations like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The more we listened to our customers, we started to evolve the product itself. We included benchmarking engagement and helping People Officers or HR teams measure employee satisfaction and define their own goals. We built out our team of Employee Engagement Experts to help bring actionable insights for our clients unique needs.

And in recent years, the Pandemic brought about an incredible amount of change in the traditional workplace— teams committing to remote work, managers actively supporting work-life balance, and organizations making cognizant plans to put their people first.

All-in-all, the platform and our own branding needed to match and relay our good work.

 Cooleaf wanted to create a visual message to share everything we brought to teams from employee recognitions, dashboards, and more.

Cooleaf's Guiding Principles

We worked closely with Shannel Wheeler, founder of Awesome Design Academy to star this new chapter at Cooleaf. We loved her work when she was at Terminus, and with her leading the charge, she helped our team unify and strengthen our brand identity.

To kick things off, we looked over our engagement platform and dove into what exactly set us. It was obvious to us, but with iteration after iteration, it was starting to get buried in our messaging as we launched new features.

In the employee engagement market, Cooleaf sets itself apart with our:

  • Team of Employee Engagement Experts who walk you through onboarding, set-up, and engaging your team off the bat
  • A rewards program that includes a range of swag, gift cards, high-end merch, and travel and unique experiences.
  • A full program catalog offering with focused strategy layers from health & wellness, DEI, and more.
  • Pulse surveying capability and incentives to get the most real-time feedback
  • Quarterly checkins with our Engagement Experts to review employee engagement and metrics-based evaluations
  • Community and resources from monthly webinars bringing engaging ideas from other HR leaders and biweekly newsletters for our clients

And that's just to name a few. With Shannel, we worked to capture all of that through our new brand identity.

As a team, this came down to these guiding principles:

Cooleaf's goal is to foster a space of engaged employees and we knew that our guiding principles would include love, partnership, and holism.

United with our mission to help teams recognize the everyday hero in their employees, we knew we wanted a visual representation of how strong and important that felt to all of us.

Engaging Our Team with Our Rebrand

We approached each component of our visual identity from our colors, our website, our social, and messaging. Most importantly, we knew that meant a new logo to lead the charge.

Our spirit and enthusiasm to create extraordinary experiences for teams is growing stronger, and our updated logo and visuals are a true extension of that and our hard work as a team.

Since Cooleaf began, we've always carried the torch when it comes to taking on the big challenges of helping companies turn over a new leaf and think bigger about how they support, grow, and retain their people.

Cooleaf's an employee experience platform and we knew we wanted a logo that embraced the community and connectivity we brought to company culture.

We found the exercises to rebrand empowering for each department and each individual team member. We brought our ideas to an open conversation, we surfaced issues we needed to address, and when it came down to it, we knew we wanted to come together on our overall mission, something to be proud of together. We were ready to lead the charge in helping teams build their company culture with appreciation and motivation.

The Future of Work

Now more than ever, we're in a moment where work culture is rapidly evolving. Strong, healthy environments focus on inclusion, support, and recognition.

As we help organizations embrace the future of work, our new brand had to reflect our own growth, maturity, and ambition to reach new markets as we support our current customers.

Through our messaging, our visual identity, our attitude, and our interactions, we aim to present ourselves as a leader that empowers teams through Love, Partnership, Creativity, Community, and Holistic strategies.

We will be bold and empathetic to create stronger communities around the world, and continue to lead with love. From growing our team, building out our platform to be the best employee experience platform we can, and we're looking forward to turning over this new leaf with you.


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